Modern Warfare Reloaded Update Adds Cheshire Park and 200-Player Battle Royale

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 29th 2020

Activision has announced that a new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming this week in Season 4. The new Modern Warfare Reloaded update will bring some major new content and changes to Modern Warfare as well as the battle royale spin-off Call of Duty Warzone.

Modern Warfare Season 4 Reloaded Update: Download Size

The new Modern Warfare Reloaded update was suddenly announced and it is coming tonight, Monday, June 29. But the update will be available so late tonight at 11 pm PT, so for many players, especially those on the east coast and in Europe, it won’t be available until Tuesday, June 30.

The update is looking to be a surprisingly massive one, especially considering we didn’t know so much new content would be coming to the game soon until about right now. As such, players should keep in mind that this isn’t a tiny update at all and it could possibly take you a little bit.

However, there is a silver lining when it comes to the download size. While it is big, it is nothing at all like some of the previous downloads that we have had in the recent past. It is a fraction of the nearly 100GB downloads that we have seen for other major updates.

The download size is approximately 22-36GB in total update size for the owners of the full version of Modern Warfare. The variation will most likely depend on the specific platform that you have for the game, be it Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

But that isn’t all for this update on Modern Warfare. Once you are able to completely download this particular slice of the update on your platform, you will not be able to access the online multiplayer portion of the game just yet.

For some reason, Activision and Infinity Ward are doing it again where you have a primary update that you download and then a secondary download that you must do as well. And what sucks about the secondary update is that it won’t automatically happen upon completing the first one.

Instead, you will have to boot up the game and then you will have the option to download the second update when you are joining the multiplayer mode of the game. The secondary update must be downloaded manually in order to access the online multiplayer functions.

It is around 3.5GB in download size, so it is at least a lot smaller than the initial update but it is still substantial enough and it is something that you have to do in the game itself, which could actually affect the speed of the download depending on the server and how things are going.

But once you are done with that download, you should reboot the whole game and then you should be able to access the online multiplayer modes in Season 4. And if the download size is still too much for you, there are ways to uninstall and remove the data packs, if necessary, but we wouldn’t recommend it as you should have everything so that you have the full experience.

But that all covers those players who are in Modern Warfare, but it is slightly different for those Warzone players. The download size for the free users of Warzone that do not have Modern Warfare as well will only have a download of 22GB-30GB, depending on the platform, which is slightly less than the full game.

But the benefit of all of this is that once you are done with the update, whether you have just Warzone or both it and Modern Warfare, you will be able to see a reduction in the overall footprint of the game(s) on your platform. And given the reduced download size for this update, it seems that the days of 100GB patches could be done for now.

200-Player Warzone Battle Royale Mode Arrives This Week

But enough about the lame download size and all that, as there is a lot of new content to check out in the Modern Warfare Reloaded Season 4 update. With this update, there is a new limited-time game mode that will be available in Warzone battle royale.

Players will now have access to a limited special mode where the player count of battle royale will be boosted to 200 players in total. This is a major increase over the normal battle royale matches of 150 players with 50 more Operators that will be fighting on the massive map of Verdansk.

This is really interesting as it means that the previous leaks from months ago that said that the battle royale game would have 200 players in each match could actually be partially true. It could mean that the developer Infinity Ward could have been working on making this the standard for most of the matches, but that was scrapped.

Regardless of what exactly happened with this situation, we now know that we will be able to play with 200 players in a match for a limited time. Unfortunately, this is only going to be available for quads at this time, so only teams of four players each will be able to jump in and do this.

This may be potentially testing for a game mode in the future where this could be more permanent and allow players to actually play with a massive player count of 200 from then on. Or, it could just be a limited-time game mode for this time.

New Contract, Mode, and More

While you are running around in those massive 200-player matches, be sure to watch out for some other new stuff that will be happening in the battle royale game. The first is that there is a brand new contract that will launch with the release of this Modern Warfare Reloaded Season 4 update.

It is known as the Supply Run contract and it is a pretty simple one, but is worth checking out if you like to save a bit of cash in matches. When you pick up a Supply Run contract, it will direct your team to a nearby buy station that you can buy items from for a discount.

There is a time limit to this particular contract type, so be sure to head there quickly so that you don’t miss out on the discounts you can get there. If you are trying to get there quickly, we recommend hopping into a vehicle of your choice and rushing there as fast as you can so you don’t miss out on these discounts.

Of course, watch out for any other teams who could have the same contract possibly or are just trying to buy stuff at that same buy station. This is a great way to save some money and perhaps revive some teammates who have fallen but you don’t have enough cash to bring back all of them.

In addition to that, there is another new game mode that is dropping in Warzone this week. It is another twist on the standard competitive matches. This one is the Juggernaut Royale game mode and, yes, it does have to do with the controversial but beloved Juggernaut suit.

In this special battle royale game mode, you can find a care package on the ground that will give a player the special Juggernaut suit, complete with the minigun and everything else. This is an insanely powerful ability that will make defeating that particular player hard.

But if you can defeat this Juggernaut player, it will send a new care package onto the map for someone else to pick it up and use to decimate the competition.

One new piece of equipment that you can find in Warzone from now on is the Spotter Scope. While this might sound like an item that is used to attach to a weapon, that isn’t the type of scope that this one is. The Spotter Scope is a reusable item that you can use to scan the environment and it will let you mark enemies without being detected.

Warzone Starter Pack and New Items

For those of you who are still relatively new to Warzone or just want some extra items, there is a new Warzone starter pack that you can pick up in the store similar to other packs in battle royale games Apex Legends and Fortnite.

For $4.99, you can get the Warzone starter pack. It will certainly more than make up for the amount that you spend. For starters, you will get 500 COD points that are worth about the same as the asking price, which already matches what you spent on the pack.

But in addition to those points, you will also get the new legendary shotgun blueprint known as the Amalgam that is excellent for those close combat scenarios. You will also get the epic Krueger skin known as Alchemist, the Breathing Easy epic calling card, Vulture Culture epic emblem, and one hour of double battle pass experience and double weapon XP.

Overall, this is a phenomenal deal even if you don’t have or like Krueger, as you are getting some great items that are more than worth the asking price of five bucks. If that isn’t enough for you, there is a new item bundle this week known as the Lost Souls bundle.

The Lost Souls bundle comes with the special blueprint version of the Rytec AMR that is a .50 caliber sniper rifle that will join the other three weapons in its category this week. You can also unlock its base form by doing an in-game challenge and earning it.

And if you want to look fresh and new while using your new Rytec sniper rifle, there is a new Operator available this week. The new hero is Rose. You can pick them up in the store. There is also the new Rogue Operative bundle that includes the legendary assault rifle Juliet blueprint.

And there is a Golden Idol bundle that includes a new skin for Zane that is golden as well as a blueprint that is equally shining and nice.

Cheshire Park Map and Team Defender

There are two new features this week for those of you who prefer Modern Warfare compared to Warzone. The first is a new multiplayer map known as Cheshire Park. This new map is set in London in the middle of the urban area with some varied gameplay and settings.

You will have the townhomes, stores set up around the area, and the special garden area that the map is named after at the center of the map. You will have a lot of flexible gameplay here from close combat in the streets to sniper locations from some of the interior areas.

There is a new multiplayer game mode that you can match up with Cheshire Park or other maps that you like. That mode is Team Defender, which is making its grand debut in this game. This popular match type is a twist on the standard Capture the Flag mode.

In this strange game mode, it is almost like a mix of Capture the Flag and a mobile Hardpoint at times. There is a single flag in this mode and the team who has it in their possession will earn points for holding onto it.

The team will need to defend their flag carrier to earn points or else the other team can take it and earn points themselves. The team with the most points at the end will win in Team Defender.


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