Modern Warfare MP5 Finally Nerfed, Changes Meta

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 30th 2020

It is finally time for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare metagame to potentially change from what it has been since the launch of the title last October. Activision and Infinity Ward have released a new patch version for the game as of late last night and it brings a nerf for the Modern Warfare MP5 SMG and more. 

A New Update Is Available for Modern Warfare

As you might have seen yesterday when we went over it, there is a new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone that is available now. It went live late last night on June 29 for some players and June 30 for others, so you are able to download it now if you are reading this.

While the update isn’t nearly as big as the previous ones, it does have two separate downloads that you must install for those players who own the full version of Modern Warfare. We already covered the update and its new features in great detail yesterday, so be sure to check that out. 

But when we went over the update yesterday, we didn’t have access to the full patch notes for the new patch version. As such, we weren’t able to see all of the changes, bug fixes, and the like that were going to drop as part of this new update. 

But now that we know more about it, we know that there are some new changes that are part of this update and they are going to cause some likely crazy reactions in the community. The most important of them all is the long-awaited nerf for the controversial Modern Warfare MP5 SMG.

Update Finally Nerfs Modern Warfare MP5 SMG

If you were to ask someone in the Modern Warfare community the worst thing about this game, they would likely respond by stating that it is the metagame. The meta of this title has been hated on by many players since its launch in October 2019 and it is mostly due to one single weapon. 

That weapon is none other than the Modern Warfare MP5. The MP5 is an SMG that has changed this game at its core and the series as a whole by making it too important to matches. Basically, if you aren’t using this weapon in certain situations, you’re playing it wrong. 

And it isn’t your fault, either, or due to a lack of your skill as the weapon has just been so powerful that it changed the meta completely for this game. This was so widespread that it even shaped the Call of Duty League going on right now and made it so that teams had to bend to the MP5’s will. 

In most matches in the official league for the game, you will see mostly four SMG players and one assault rifle player. That is how powerful and necessary this weapon is, that it has even forced pro players to adjust to using it when most competitive games don’t have this rigid of a meta. 

But, fortunately, this could all change as the Modern Warfare MP5 was finally nerfed in this update. It has four major changes to it that will help out the metagame overall. First and foremost, it has decreased damage range in this update, which is great as it won’t be as good at long distances anymore.

In addition, the 10MM damage range has been decreased as well. There is also a nerf to the long-range damage when using the 10MM ammo and there is a slight recoil increase to the ammo as well. From there, there is yet another nerf to it but this affects all weapons in general. 

If you have no stock attachment on your weapon, you will have increased weapon recoil now and decreased aiming steadiness when aiming down the sights. This makes it harder to use the MP5 if you aren’t using a stock at the same time, but also affects nearly every weapon in the game as well. 

Other Weapons That Were Changed in This Patch

Interestingly enough, the nerf for the MP5 was only the beginning as there are several other weapons that were changed in this update as well. Among things like bug fixes and changing the starting ammo for weapons, there are changes like increasing the damage range to the AX-50. 

The HDR is now guaranteed to one-hit kill an enemy when hitting them in the lower torso area at any range. For the Kar98k, there is increased speed for aiming down the sights, a small decrease to the hip spread, and an overall increased damage range to make it better.

The MK2 Carbine has faster movement speed and increased damage range, while the Dragunov has increased aiming speed, a two-hit kill minimum to finish them off, changed recoil, and a faster rate of fire. The FAL now has added close-range damage potential with the ability to possibly get a one-hit kill headshot. 

The AK-47 has increased aiming speed and the CR-56 AMAX has decreased damage range. Last but not least, the Grau 5.56 has damage range reduction, a slight increase to high frequency recoil, and nerfs with certain barrels attached. 

Overall, most weapons in this update have been buffed to make up for the nerf for the MP5 with a few exceptions. This is something that the community has wanted for a long time and it could go a long way towards making sure that the metagame isn’t as rigid as it has been. 

Given how the Call of Duty League has been formatted up until this point with the MP5 meta, it will be interesting to see how this will affect it as we near the championship tournament. 


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