Modern Warfare Iskra and 3v3 Gunfight Knives Release This Week

by in Call of Duty | May, 12th 2020

Activision has released the latest weekly Call of Duty blog post for players to check out right now. This week’s announcements are here for all of the games in the Call of Duty universe, including the new Modern Warfare Iskra operator, 3v3 Gunfight Knives game mode, and so much more.

Latest Call of Duty Weekly Blog Post Is Here

The latest Call of Duty weekly blog post has arrived this week. With it, Activision is giving the standard details as always about what players can expect for all of the games in the series this week. As usual, this blog post includes new game modes, characters, and more.

The new weekly blog post goes over all of the games that are relevant to the series currently including Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Mobile, Black Ops 4, and even the official esports league Call of Duty League. However, there is one game that is notably missing this week.

Call of Duty Warzone isn’t a major part of the announcements this week, so there isn’t much for players to find out about that game right now. Unfortunately, it does look like the new releases and changes for that game is slowing down this week after weeks of new content and more.

Modern Warfare Iskra Is Your New Operator

The Call of Duty weekly blog post starts out with all of the information that players will want to know about Modern Warfare. By far, one of the biggest surprises this week is the release of a new operator that you can play as. The new operator is none other than Modern Warfare Iskra.

Modern Warfare Iskra is an Urzikstani native for the locale that is at the center of much of the game and she returns to her home of Verdansk as part of the Chimera faction. She is here to stop the growing Al-Qatala threat in the game and you can help her do that by playing as her.

Unfortunately, Modern Warfare Iskra is yet another operator that you will have to purchase using currency in order to add to your collection. This isn’t one that you can just unlock or get through the seasonal battle pass that is in the game right now.

You can nab Iskra for your collection of operators by heading to the store this week and looking for her bundle there. Fortunately, you get more than just the new character in this collection. You will also get two new legendary weapons that you can use in both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone.

And it doesn’t end there, either, as you can also get the Savagery helicopter vehicle skin to show off your stuff in Ground War and battle royale, plus an epic finishing move, and more for a total of 10 items in this one singular bundle. That is a good deal at least, considering you have to pay for Modern Warfare Iskra.

Interestingly enough, Activision notes that she is a “tier one operator” in the weekly blog post, which is intriguing, to say the least. This tells us that she is being treated as one of the best, which is clear in this impressive bundle it is honestly one of the best operator bundles that we have seen in the game.

Demolition and Store Changes

If cosmetic items aren’t really your thing, there are a couple of new game modes to play this week. The first of these is Demolition, which isn’t an entirely new game mode to the Call of Duty franchise, but this is its debut in the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare.

If you haven’t checked this out in previous games, it is largely the same as before; similar to Search and Destroy, but with some interesting twists thrown in there. Demolition retains the similar attacker and defender sides of the match, but they work differently.

For one, every single player on the attacking side will spawn in the round with a bomb in their hands. There isn’t a single bomb that players are using to attack one of two sites; everyone has access to one. But to win the round, the team must detonate both sites with bombs if they are attacking.

To help with this respawns are also available in this mode, so players will need to worry about the fact that just taking the whole team out won’t be the goal to victory either. The defending team will need to try and defuse any bombs and defend both sites equally to win this game mode in a best two out of three match format.

Beyond the release of Modern Warfare Iskra, there is a new bundle focusing on weapons released this week in the in-game store. The Twin Suns bundle is now available this week, including an elite set of two legendary weapons. The first is an LMG blueprint while the other is a handgun.

The Twin Suns set is specifically built to favor the stealthy approach to combat, which should make it really great for Warzone. Activision recommends throwing in the Dead Silence field upgrade and a throwing knife for a loadout that is great for assassinating other players.

3v3 Gunfight Knives Only Is Here

The other new game mode that is available this week is one of the most intriguing takes we have ever seen in Modern Warfare for Gunfight. The popular two versus two competitive online mode gets tweaks every so often, but this is one of the most difficult ones we’ve seen.

Enter 3v3 Gunfight Knives Only. This new game mode is a take on Gunfight where, first and foremost, you have a team of three players on each side rather than the usual two. In addition, though, everyone has the same loadout as usual, but this loadout is really crazy.

All you have at your disposal are throwing knives and regular knives for melee attacks. So, all you can do is throw some knives, get in close for some melee hits, or use a finishing move to take them out. That is all, as literally nothing else is available in 3v3 Gunfight Knives.

You can’t use a gun of any kind, snipe, use a rocket launcher, explosives, or any other weapon besides the fists and knives that you have. This will really make the gameplay in this game mode intense as you will need to either be really sneaky or have some god-level throwing knives skill.

Like in traditional Gunfight, the two teams of three players will only have one life to live per round. Teams will need to win six rounds in order to claim the overall victory for that particular match. And if Gunfight isn’t your thing, a new playlist is available this week.

Shoot the Ship is getting its newest variant called Shoot the Rusty Ship 24/7. The fan-favorite playlist will be updated to now include three maps instead of two. You will have Shipment, Shoot House, and now Rust that will be available in this playlist 24/7. You will battle across one of these three maps in each match using a variety of Deathmatch and objective-based modes.

Call of Duty Mobile’s Gold Rush Event Continues

Call of Duty Mobile is continuing its Once Upon a Time in Rust season this week with the Gold Rush event that we previously detailed. Players can check out the golden version of Kill Confirmed to nab some gold bars or check out battle royale to find treasure maps in barrels.

Players can take those gold bars and then trade them for various items like weapons and more that can be used in multiplayer during the Gold Rush event. Some of the items include the really epic version of the M4LMG called the Moonstone.

Later this week, though, a new map and game mode will drop for Call of Duty Mobile players that really ups the Wild West theme this season. The new map will be Saloon, which is about as tiny as you can get with a new multiplayer map.

For the most part, this is your classic duel setting in front of the Saloon where players will duel it out. Speaking of duels, this new map launches alongside a new game mode called 1v1 Duel. You can channel your outlaw instincts by battling against another player in this tiny map where your options are limited.

If the Gold Rush event isn’t your thing, the Call of Duty Mobile World Championships 2020 Qualifiers is still continuing this weekend. Starting Thursday, the next round of qualifiers will happen and this happens to be the second to last weekend for competition.

If you haven’t had the chance to make it into the actual championships, you will need to really use the next two weekends to ensure that you earn your place in the upcoming competition. The qualifiers will come to an end May 24.

Any player who is ranked veteran or higher will have the chance to compete for their share of $1 million in total prizes. If you don’t have veteran rank just yet, you still have time to reach that point and then participate in one of the final two qualifying weekends.

Black Ops 4 Double XP Ends Soon

Surprisingly enough, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has a lot going for it (at least more than usual) this week. The featured playlist this week is the Party Game Moshpit and it comes with double experience for matches that you do as part of this.

This might be one of our favorite playlists ever, too, as it includes a ton of fan favorite party games like Infected, One in the Chamber, Gun Game, Sticks & Stones, and Prop Hunt. Those are all literally some of the best game modes that you can play in any Call of Duty game.

If, for some reason, that isn’t your thing, at the very least there is double experience in all multiplayer, league play, and Zombies through May 14, so get on that before it leaves. And for Zombies players, specifically, there is double Nebulium Plasma until then as well.

The rest of the multiplayer playlists this week include Nuketown, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, and Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit. For Zombies players, they will have the Tag Der Toten playlist available to them this week.

And lastly, for the Blackout battle royale players, they will have Hot and Heavy, Alcatraz Portals quads, quads, duos, and solos.

What’s Happening for the Call of Duty League

There’s a lot going on with the Call of Duty League this week. We just came off of one of the most insane tournament weekend events of the entire league thus far. We have seen upsets in the past, but nothing compares to this past weekend where everything we knew went out the window.

Neither the hosts of the event, Florida Mutineers, nor one of the other top teams, Minnesota Rokkr, were able to even make it out of the group stage of the tournament. This is unheard of for both teams, who have been in the grand finals before.

Instead, the finals were filled with teams that we didn’t expect to be there at all like OpTic Gaming LA, New York Subliners, and Toronto Ultra. All of these have moved up the ladder with more points. The only constant thus far is Atlanta FaZe who never let these upsets bring them down and simply won its way through to the tournament victory easily.

With that done, we have reached the midway point of the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League. There is more craziness likely to come with the start of the Seattle Home Series Weekend in two weeks, but for now, there is more competition happening in the league this week.

The standard Live From Warzone competitions will continue this week with sponsored streams and more. The highlight this week is that the Warstream will continue with two more teams competing to see who can get the most points and potentially break a record in the process.

Those two teams are London Royal Ravens and Atlanta FaZe, both of which are hot off of the Florida Home Series Weekend tournament this past weekend. London will kick off the competition this Thursday, May 14 at 1:30 p.m. PT with Atlanta following thereafter at 4:30 p.m. PT. All of this action and more will be broadcasted on the Call of Duty League YouTube channel.


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