Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament and More Release This Week

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 7th 2020

We are at the beginning of the week once again, so you know what that means. There are new announcements regarding all of the current Call of Duty games this week. The latest announcements include the return of Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament, new items, and much more.

Latest Call of Duty Announcements Revealed

The latest blog post from Activision revealing the new and returning content this week for all of the Call of Duty games is also the first in a couple of weeks. We haven’t had a regular update for what’s new and happening in the franchise for a while now, so this week’s post is welcome.

Oddly enough, though, it is one of the more meager weeks that we have had in a while for the Call of Duty universe. Sure, a lot is going on this week in the franchise, but most of it is either returning stuff like the Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament or just minor new things like cosmetics.

Regardless, there are changes and content for just about every player from fans of Modern Warfare to Warzone to Call of Duty Mobile and even Black Ops 4. This week, there is something for everyone as we are nearing the start of other major content like a new Call of Duty Mobile season and more soon.

Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournaments Is Back

Kicking off what’s returning this week is the Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament game mode. This is the latest twist on the standard, highly popular competitive mode. This one is a playlist that you can do that will make the already challenging mode even more competitive.

We love a good tournament where players can battle it out and figure out who is the best among them, and that is what Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament lets you do. When you queue into this, you and your teammate will be grouped up with 15 other teams.

This doesn’t change the normal format of how a Gunfight game works, as that is largely the same. You will fight in a quick tournament bracket filled up with 16 teams. You’ll match up with a team in round one and battle against them.

If you can win against that team, you will move onto the next match where you will be among the remaining eight teams. If you lose at any point in the Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament, you will be kicked out and can queue back up for another round if you’d like.

From the top eight, if you win, you will move onto the top four and then the finals where the best two teams fight to see who will win it all. No matter where you win or lose, you will get experience and other awesome rewards that will be granted based on how you did in that competition.

While it isn’t a formal tournament of sorts, it is great practice for those of you who would someday like to be a pro player yourself in Call of Duty. The matches will run as standard Gunfight matches where it is two on two with no respawns in each round and everyone using the same weapons.

If you need some practice to get ready for the Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament, you can always do the normal Gunfight. Except, this week, it is not exactly normal there either. This week’s blueprint Gunfight is still in rotation, so you can find a special version of the game mode where every weapon is a blueprint one.

New Items and Bomb Plant Moshpit

There are some new items as always this week in the store that you can pick up, including some solid blueprint ones. The first is the SERE kit bundle, where you can get two different weapon blueprints. The first is the Alabaster sniper rifle. The other is the White Light sniper rifle. Both reportedly useful for the Plunder Warzone game mode.

The bundle also comes with a calling card highly recommended by Activision for use in the same loadout as these two weapons for some reason. This week’s other bundle is the Blood in the Water, which includes the epic Feeding Frenzy Shotgun blueprint and more.

That shotgun will be very useful in the new playlist that drops this week in normal Modern Warfare multiplayer. You’ll find the Bomb Plant Moshpit playlist available this week for a limited time, bringing together everything that players love about the bomb-focused modes.

The playlist includes both Search and Destroy and Demolition, so you are guaranteed to have explosive action no matter which one you end up in across a variety of maps. Whether it is strategic one-life-to-live gameplay in Search and Destroy, or going all out in Demolition, there might be something here for you this week.

Realism Gun Game and 200 Players in Warzone

Another new playlist this week is the Realism Gun Game one. The name is weird and a bit pretentious as it doesn’t give away much about what this mode is. In this twist on Gun Game, you will only receive blueprint weapons, so we aren’t sure what makes it so “realistic.”

Other than the addition of blueprint weapons, the usual Gun Game gameplay will apply here. You will start with the same weapon as everyone else in this free-for-all and kills will get you a new weapon to use until you have gone through all of them in that match.

This week’s other multiplayer playlists include normal Ground War and Dirty Old Houseboat (a mix of Rust, Shipment, and Shoot House 24/7). For those of you on the Warzone side of things, you’ll enjoy battle royale solos, duos, trios, and 200-player quads released recently.

In 200 quads, this mode pumps up the number of players to 200 from the usual 150 in most Warzone modes. This crazy twist will ensure that the massive map of Verdansk is a bit more cramped than usual and highly competitive as well. Besides the battle royale game modes available this week, Blood Money will also be available for those Plunder fans out there.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Ends Soon

For those of you who like Call of Duty Mobile, you will find that we are in the final days of the current season. The Radioactive Agent season, which has been one of the best in the history of the mobile game, will be coming to an end less than a week.

With only so much time left in the season, now is the time to finish all the missions and level up your battle pass before the Radioactive Agent season comes to an end. But there is more to this week for Call of Duty Mobile than just that.

There is a new Call of Duty Endowment Freedom Pack that has arrived just in time for the 4th of July in the United States. This veteran-themed pack comes with a special skin set for frag grenades, the MW11, wingsuit, parachute, and M16 weapon blueprint.

They all look roughly the same with a nice patriotic edge to them. The pack also comes with a special avatar and calling card that you can use to show your support for this country online in matches. The best part about this pack, though, is that 100% of the net proceeds from it will go to the Call of Duty Endowment charity to help veterans get high-quality jobs.

If you don’t have the money to spend on that pack right now, no problem. There is a map coming to Call of Duty Mobile this week ahead of the new season’s launch. We don’t know which map it will be yet, but the teases are that it comes from Modern Warfare 2.

Lastly, the end of the season means the end of the current battle pass. There are many awesome free and premium rewards that you can get, so be sure to grab any you’re interested in while you still can. These include the Cluster Strike, AK117 Barricade, Chopper LMG, and many more.

What’s Updated in Black Ops 4

For those of you who are still enjoying Black Ops 4, there is still a lot of stuff happening this week. For instance, the July Quad Feed event is still going on and has been extended a little longer to July 15.

It includes double experience, double weapon XP, double merits, and double Nebulium Plasma for all players across the entire game. If that isn’t enough, the main multiplayer playlist this week is double XP Sticks and Stones, where it is all about using the combat axe to take down opponents.

The other multiplayer playlists this week include the Nuketown, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, and Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit. Players who like Zombies will find Voyage of Despair this week while Blackout players have the usual Hot and Heavy, Alcatraz Portals Quads, quads, duos, and solos playlists.

Call of Duty League Kicks Off First of Final 3 Events This Week

Finally, for the Call of Duty universe this week, there is the Call of Duty League. The league is still in the midst of its inaugural season, but the end is nigh. We are nearing the beginning of the end of the first season as we only have a few more events left before the championship tournament.

The first of the three final events in the Call of Duty League’s normal first season will begin this week with the New York Subliners Home Series Weekend. There, eight of the 12 teams will compete in their second to last event of the normal season before the championship.

For many teams, this will potentially be their last chance to turn things around and climb through the leaderboards before the placements for the final tournament are decided, so expect it to be a pretty exciting event. Here are the eight teams that will compete this weekend:

  • Toronto Ultra
  • Paris Legion
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • London Royal Ravens
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Minnesota Rokkr
  • New York Subliners

Though only a couple of the best teams in the league are at this event, almost anything can happen. With Rokkr going up against the hosts, New York Subliners, in the marquee match, will we continue to see the Rokkr falter this season after once being one of the best teams around? Only time will tell for that event.

Group A consists of Paris Legion, Toronto Ultra, Atlanta FaZe, and Los Angeles Guerrillas. While Group B has the London Royal Ravens, Chicago Huntsmen, New York Subliners, and Minnesota Rokkr. Could this finally be when we see Atlanta and Chicago battle it out for the first time in league history?

Then, some teams like the New York Subliners have been doing better these days, so we could see some surprising upsets come out of this event and major changes to the leaderboard that have been brewing for some time now. Be sure to stay tuned for our full breakdown of this event and who we think will win it all later this week. The Home Series Weekend will run from Friday, July 10 through Sunday, July 12.


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