Modern Warfare Ground War Reinfected Bug Is Breaking the Game Mode

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 17th 2020

Call of Duty Modern Warfare hasn’t been averse to bugs. The latest one to be discovered in the game is one of the most dangerous things since its launch. That is because the new Modern Warfare Ground War Reinfected bug is a game-breaking one that makes the mode unfair after it returned this week.

Modern Warfare Ground War Reinfected Bug Discovered

This particular Modern Warfare Ground War Reinfected bug was revealed by the YouTuber Bubs (via Dexerto), who posted a recent YouTube video about the glitch and its breaking matches online. In particular, the bug is rather similar to an Infected bug that we dealt with a long time ago.

It is relative only to a single map: Karst River Quarry. If players are on other maps in the returning limited-time game mode, it won’t affect them. However, if you end up on Karst River Quarry, you might have an unfair match.

The Modern Warfare Ground War Reinfected bug has to do with a certain location on the map that has become infamous for allowing a player to go invincible there. Near the edge of the larger map, there is a specific wall that you can find that is the source of this glitch.

If done in a certain way, the player can glitch through the wall and make it to a place that is supposed to be inaccessible otherwise. Through this wall, there is a rock that you can reach. This allows the player to be both hidden and unable to be defeated.

Modern Warfare Ground War Reinfected Bug Discovered

Because of where the location is, it seems that the infected players can’t reach the player if they make it here. It could be because it is out of the map’s bounds or the fact that only one player can get into this strange hollow hidden rock for some reason.

Regardless of the reason behind it, the survivor who can get here will be seemingly unbeatable. A win for their side of the match is all but guaranteed. This Modern Warfare Ground War Reinfected bug breaks the game entirely and makes it unfair if you are infected.

What makes the whole situation worse is the fact that you are actually able to damage the player through the rock but only with a gun or potentially explosives for now. This makes it bad for the infected side only to use their melee and throwing knives attacks.

Unfortunately, for some odd reason, the throwing knives can’t pass through the rock and damage the player even though bullets can do that. Because they have no guns available to them, the infected side can’t kill any player who gets here, meaning they are guaranteed a win.

This Bug Doesn’t Actually Work in Call of Duty Warzone

They can sit there and shoot at the infected players, killing them until they potentially unlock the tactical nuke scorestreak that will let them end the game and immediately win it all without waiting for the timer to run out in the match.

This is a very similar situation to another Infected mode glitch that happened on a different map in the past in Modern Warfare. Though it was a different map, it was a very similar issue where the survivor player could hide in a wall and easily shoot at the infected side.

That glitch was eventually fixed, but it was a situation where players had to deal with it while the Infected mode was available in the game. This could have the same results as when players will have to wait it out until Infinity Ward can issue a fix.

What makes this whole situation even stranger, though, is that the same Karst River Quarry area is available in the overall Verdansk map used in Call of Duty Warzone battle royale. This area can be visited there, and this Modern Warfare Ground War Reinfected bug can’t be replicated there.

Infinity Ward Hasn’t Addressed the Glitch Yet

It seems to be a specific situation with the Karst River Quarry map, where the sectioned off version of it causes this wall glitch to appear. As such, it makes fixing it potentially more problematic. At the time of writing this, Infinity Ward has yet to address the glitch or note that it is happening.

The developer will likely address it soon. There are a couple of things that could happen in that case. A quick hot fix may be pushed for players on all platforms, and it will be done or, if it takes more time, the map could be removed from the game temporarily.

Alternatively, the entire Modern Warfare Ground War Reinfected game mode could be removed from the title for a while to fix this glitch completely. This would be unfortunate since the game mode is only sticking around for a limited time.

But it is possible that, in a situation like that, the Ground War Reinfected game mode period could be extended to make up for that. For now, though, it is uncertain what at all will happen, but players should be very careful from now on if you play this game and end up on the Karst River Quarry map, especially if you end up on the infected side of things.


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