Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Latest Update Is Causing Corrupted Data Errors

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 23rd 2020

One of the direst bugs for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has appeared today in the form of corrupted data. The game has been known to have issues, bugs, and glitches since its launch but this latest one is surprising since it has to do with the most recent update that dropped for the game today.

Update 1.13 Causes Modern Warfare Corrupted Data Error

The latest update 1.13 released today for all platforms around the world. If you are reading this right now, you can download the update, but we do recommend that you be cautious when you do so. Though the update is a major one, it is causing some major problems for players.

Players are downloading and installing the update only to find that there is a Modern Warfare corruption error that they are getting. It is unknown currently if the issue is affecting all players on all platforms, but it is widespread enough that you remain cautious when updating your game.

After all, many users are claiming that this problem is happening to them. One user posted their issues with the Modern Warfare corruption error on the sub-Reddit page for the game. All they mentioned in the title of their post was that there was a “new update error” in the game.

Along with the post and title, they included a screenshot of the corruption error in action. On their screen, you can see an error appear for the player after installing the update and booting up the game to play it.

The error says that the data the player has for the game is “corrupt or didn’t download properly.” While this is an issue we have seen before with updates in other games, the following section of the error is the most worrisome part about it.

NEW UPDATE ERROR: im ded from r/modernwarfare

The Modern Warfare corrupted data error notes that the player “must reset” their rank and unlocks to continue into the game. Then the error gives the option for the player to select yes or no to let the game reset all the rank and unlocks they have on their account.

From a glance, this seems like a bad joke, but it is a real corruption error that many players are dealing due to the update. It didn’t take long for the post to go viral with thousands of likes and well over a thousand comments from players in the community on Reddit.

So many of these comments are from players who are dealing with this issue right now. Before we go any further, we highly recommend that you do not, for any reason, select either of those options. Do not select yes or no for any reason as we will dig more into it in a moment.

Infinity Ward Is Working on a Permanent Fix

Thankfully, this widespread Modern Warfare corrupted data error didn’t take long to catch the attention of developer Infinity Ward. The senior communications manager at the developer, Ashton Williams, responded to the post on Reddit with rapid speed.

Williams began by asking players to respond to her comment directly with their Activision IDs if they are experiencing this. The reply to the thread that she made already has an unbelievable number of responses from players and it just continues to grow as more players download the update.

From just a glance at the responses from players, we have seen numerous accounts that have dealt with this problem on all three platforms of PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Some players are claiming that selecting the yes option did allow them to get into the game and start playing again. Thankfully, it didn’t reset their unlocked items and the like, but some are claiming that it did reset other things like their play records.

Some players noted that they had to remake all their classes and loadouts, but kept all their progression, fortunately. But the problem with this error is that it might turn out reasonably well for some players, but it could result in further problems, which is why we tell you not to select yes.

Selecting no is not recommended either since it will just not allow you to play the game until you select the yes option. Fortunately, Infinity Ward is working on a fix for this Modern Warfare corruption error. In the meantime, while we wait for a permanent solution, there is a possible temporary fix.

Williams responded to the same Reddit thread again later and thanked everyone for letting her know about their IDs. According to the senior communications manager, Infinity Ward is currently investigating the issue and thanked players in advance for their patience.

Possible Temporary Solution Revealed

As a possible temporary solution to this problem, Williams noted that players should not select either option when prompted and should instead “hard close your application.” Depending on which platform you are on, you can do this in a couple of different ways.

Players on PS4 should hold down the PlayStation button and select the option to close out of the application. If you are on Xbox One, this means quitting to the dashboard and checking to make sure that you have entirely closed out of the game.

While on PC, players should force quit out of the application and back to their desktop. We do not recommend that you select either option or try to reinstall the game, either. For now, we recommend that players remain patient if they keep encountering this error until a fix is issued soon.

For now, stay tuned here for any update regarding this problem as Infinity Ward continues to work on a fix.


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