Modern Warfare Bazaar Gunfight Map and Double XP Release This Week

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 25th 2020

Activision is gearing up for some major additions this week for everything Call of Duty. New details were released for all the main games in the massive first-person shooter franchise, from new game modes and maps to celebrations of events like Mardi Gras.

Activision Releases Latest Call of Duty Weekly Announcements Blog

Activision revealed all of the major things happening this week in the Call of Duty universe with its latest weekly Call of Duty announcements blog post. Like in previous weeks, this blog post reveals everything that players need to know about what’s happening in their favorite games.

Covering the main games of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (no surprise there), Call of Duty Mobile, and Black Ops 4, the post gives players a heads up about what to look forward to this week. Also, there are even some details regarding the Call of Duty League and how its first season is doing.

There’s a surprising amount of content to cover this week given that we aren’t nearing a new season for any of the games just yet and Activision still isn’t ready to talk about the rumored Warzone battle royale mode coming to Modern Warfare in the future.

Because of this, let’s jump right in to look at new features and additions this week like new game modes, maps, a double XP event, and so much more.

Modern Warfare Bazaar Gunfight Map Announced

It begins with the updates coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this week such as the surprising new map. Despite being early in the second season, new content is already on its way for the game.

The new content this week will be appreciated by players who love the Gunfight and Ground War modes. For Gunfight players, a new multiplayer map is added to the popular game type in the form of the Modern Warfare Bazaar map.

This new addition to the Gunfight game mode is only available for that mode currently. So, don’t expect to play on it in other game types like Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. The Modern Warfare Bazaar map takes place in a small corner of Urzikstan in a marketplace.

The Modern Warfare Bazaar is quite varied compared to other maps in the game mode, offering a multi-level three-lane experience. The interesting layout of this map allows players to strategically work out how to take out their enemy duo team.

Activision recommends that players who want to master the new map before jumping into the competitive mode should try out private matches to get a feel for it. Players won’t have to wait long to try it out as it releases today, February 25.

Boots on the Ground War and Double XP Weekend Revealed

Releasing alongside the new Modern Warfare Bazaar map is a new game mode available for potentially a limited time. The new Boots on the Ground War game type will be a special variant on the normal Ground War game type that will undoubtedly appeal to some players.

Considered a Ground War “realism mode variant,” this special version of the game type will feature no tanks on the field at all. Though some vehicles will still be in the game mode, the focus is purely on the large team infantry battles.

It is all about the small vehicles used for getting around and taking out the other massive team in the large maps. If you prefer finding your opponents and shooting them down with guns and no special vehicles, Boots on the Ground War is for you.

In this Infantry Ground War, it is all about pushing ahead with your teammates on foot and attempting to hold the ground at each of the objectives while taking out opponents in classic Call of Duty fashion with tanks to worry about decimating everything.

In addition to that, players have the opportunity to explore Boots on the Ground War and the new Modern Warfare Bazaar map while gaining double experience. Another double XP weekend starts on February 28 and ends on March 2.

Festivities on both days begin at 10 am PT and end at the same time. Players have a few days to enjoy double experience. This is great for completing those challenges, mastering those trials, and more.

Also, more Season 2 ribbon challenges will be available during the double XP weekend. Players can take full advantage of the extra experience to rank up faster in Season 2.

Call of Duty Mobile Gets New and Returning Game Modes

Modern Warfare isn’t the only game to get some love this week. Call of Duty Mobile has new and returning game modes launching along with new items.

Rapid Fire mode makes a comeback from its Season 3 debut. Players have a few days to enjoy the special game type before it leaves this week. In this mode, players have a fast-paced version of a normal multiplayer mode.

The fast-paced mode allows players to earn Operator skills much faster than normal. All players have unlimited ammo and infinite grenades in their arsenal. This allows you to fire away without any worry about running out of ammo.

The insane action-packed mode comes to an end on February 26. Thankfully, players can check out a new game mode that lasts past Rapid Fire mode.

In the Sticks and Stone game mode, players have no special create-a-class loadout to use. Instead, all players are equipped with a crossbow, ballistic knife, and combat axe to take out opponents.

The objective of Sticks and Stones is to earn points through eliminations using the weapons. If you reach the required points total first, you are the winner of the match. However, you can lose points.

Thankfully, you don’t just lose points from dying but, specifically, if killed using the combat axe. Since it takes skill to take someone down with it, the player will be at a disadvantage if killed by it. The player loses all of their points and drops to the bottom of the leaderboard.

The special Sticks and Stones mode will be available from February 23-29. Act fast if you want to check it out.

Call of Duty Mardi Gras Celebration Items Available

It’s the week of Mardi Gras, so the celebration is spreading to even Call of Duty Mobile. Players in the mobile iteration of the popular series can show their love for Mardi Gras with limited-time cosmetic items.

During the Weapon Mastery event, which started on February 20, players can get a number of eliminations with various categories of weapons in the game to earn unique items the credit crates.

Also, players can earn the new cosmetic skin during the Weapon Mastery event in celebration of Mardi Gras. If you can get the specific number of eliminations necessary, you can earn the unique M16 Mardi Gras skin.

Players need to act fast with the Weapon Mastery limited-time event as it ends on February 29.

What’s New This Week in Black Ops 4

Activision is great about releasing new content and experiences in the previous mainline Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4. Players of the 2018 release can enjoy updated playlists in all three of its main online multiplayer modes.

In terms of the traditional multiplayer match formats, players have the playlists Stockpile, Nuketown, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, and Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit available this week. While most of these are familiar, the return of Stockpile is welcome.

The Stockpile playlist will feature double experience when players check it out only. Head there and play this limited-time game mode if you are interested in leveling up faster. If you’re unfamiliar with the Stockpile game mode, it is like Kill Confirmed but a bit different.

Like Kill Confirmed, eliminated players will drop dog tags that you can pick up for extra points. The catch in Stockpile is that you don’t have to pick up the dog tags to progress through the match towards victory.

You also need to take dog tags and deposit them at a specific bank location to earn points towards winning the match. The problem is this location will change each minute. You must watch out for teams taking you out as well.

If you stack up a whole bunch of dog tags, you will drop all of them plus yours if eliminated. While your team can pick them back up, the enemy could get to them as well. In this way, there is a significant risk and reward system in play.

For players who prefer the Blackout battle royale experience, playlists available this week are Hot and Heavy (Hot Pursuit and Heavy Metal Heroes together), Alcatraz Portals Quads, and the normal game modes of quads, duos, and solos.

Lastly, players in Zombies have the Dead of the Night playlist available this week in Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty League Update

Finally, the weekly Call of Duty blog went into what’s happening with the Call of Duty League this week. This past weekend, the Atlanta FaZe hosted the second Home Series Weekend event in Georgia, bringing in eight of the 12 teams in the league.

Though there were some favorites like the Chicago Huntsmen, many upsets happened. FaZe successfully defended its home as the event winner. They are the only undefeated team in the league currently.

The third Home Series Weekend will be a joint event hosted by both the Los Angeles Guerrillas and OpTic Gaming LA. Eight of the 12 teams will compete in California at the Shrine Auditorium March 7-8. Tickets are on sale now while supplies last. There will be a Call of Duty Challengers there that weekend, too.


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