Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale Map Reportedly Revealed in Video

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 10th 2019

Call of Duty Modern Warfare hasn’t been out for two full months, and yet players are already wondering what’s on the horizon for the latest entry in the first-person military shooter series. If a new video is anything to go by, the future seems to be a massive new Modern Warfare battle royale map.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale Map Reportedly Leaked

A recent video on Reddit reportedly has the first-ever footage of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare battle royale map. Posted by Reddit user Nateberg3, the video could be an elaborate hoax, but for now, it is the best look of the new map.

Video of Full Battle ROYALE Map from r/modernwarfare

Reddit user Nateberg3 posted the video to the official sub-Reddit for the game. The video title suggests it’s footage of the full battle royale map.

It matches up with some of the recent rumors we heard recently regarding the Call of Duty Modern Warfare battle royale map.

The video lasts around 30 seconds or so and shows the player standing on a high point while rotating around the point which gives us a glimpse of everything surrounding it.

On its own, the video is rather convincing. However, you can’t tell what the map is all about since it so zoomed out.

It looks like the maps from recent Call of Duty games like the Blackout mode in Black Ops 4 and the one found in the mobile iteration. The coastline borders the map on one side with large snowy mountains on the other side.

However, it seems populated little towns and cities throughout the area. More importantly, the player seems to be standing atop the area known as Verdansk in the game’s lore.

This backs up recent battle royale map leaks a while back. In the map, it looks like the 2D version seen in the video on Reddit. There are a lot of snowy areas to the north while the ocean is in the south.

What the Battle Royale Map Supposedly Looks Like

The map features Special Ops maps currently in the game like Verdansk. On the left side, Operation Crosswind and Paladin maps overlap each other, as there are a good number of cities and buildings there.

Operations Headhunter and Havalda are also on the main Call of Duty Modern Warfare battle royale map. The map brings together many areas from the main area into one single location. It supposedly is one of the biggest maps ever for the series.

In addition to the Special Operations areas, some of the Ground War maps are also seen. The Ground War mode features some of the largest maps to date, where 64 players are split up into two teams of 32 players each.

The mode is a huge one currently taking the place of a standard battle royale mode. The game didn’t launch with the mode, but it makes sense to add it once players are familiar with the Special Ops and Ground War maps.

It also makes sense the mix of several existing maps which has been done in the past with places like Nuketown. The massive Call of Duty Modern Warfare battle royale map supposedly fits 200 players in battle royale, so this seems to do the job.

Unfortunately, we only have this video and recently rumored map of the area to go by. Activision nor Infinity Ward never confirmed that a battle royale mode is coming to the game.

It is possible this video is real, but the battle royale mode in question has been canceled or is different than what it was going to be. We will have to wait and see. Check back here for any official confirmation in the future.


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