Modern Warfare All or Nothing and Chaos 10v10 Debut This Week

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 23rd 2020

Activision has released the latest Call of Duty universe blog post that goes over everything that you need to know about what’s happening this week. From the new Modern Warfare All or Nothing mode on consoles and PC to Call of Duty Mobile on mobile to Warzone for the battle royale fans, there is a lot to uncover this week.

Modern Warfare Season 4 Might Still Be New But More Content Releases This Week

What is interesting about the timing of the latest weekly blog post this week is that it mainly dives into what’s happening in Modern Warfare and Warzone with some major changes and additions for both of those games. This is weird because both of those games just started something already.

Just recently earlier this month, both Modern Warfare and Warzone kicked off their fourth season of battle pass and online multiplayer, letting players experience some new content. Despite the season being less than a month old, we are getting more new content to keep players engaged.

If the new season’s battle pass wasn’t already enough for you, you can unlock some tiers and items through checking out some of the new game modes and other content this week, including the Modern Warfare All or Nothing mode, Chaos playlist, and so much more.

And if you are a fan of Call of Duty Mobile, the Call of Duty League, or Black Ops 4, don’t worry, as Activision has got you covered this week. There are playlist updates, new game modes, and competitions for you to check out across those three as well this week.

Modern Warfare All or Nothing Game Mode Announced

But it all starts with a brand new game mode that makes its debut this week and that is the Modern Warfare All or Nothing mode. This new game mode is there for the free-for-all fans in the crowd who like to go solo and see how good they stack up against a group of other solo players in a match.

But the twist of this particular free-for-all game mode is that the equipment that you are allowed to have is relatively limited. So limited that you are going to be able to use the barest of armaments for taking out your opponents on the various multiplayer maps.

You will begin each match in Modern Warfare All or Nothing with only a throwing knife, an empty handgun, and some minimal perks to your name. You are worse off at the start of this match than if you were to jump into a match of battle royale where you at least have some bullets.

The throwing knife can be thrown, but it also acts as a normal combat knife for stabbing your opponents in those classic melee fights. What you will need to do is scavenge around the map for ammo that you can use actually to deal some ranged damage using your handgun.

But other than that, that’s all there is to Modern Warfare All or Nothing. It is essentially the nothing side that you will be on, as you will have little to nothing in your arsenal for taking out opponents. As such, we hope that you are an excellent knife fighter or pistol user as this will be a tough game mode.

Like other free-for-all modes, Modern Warfare All or Nothing will end when the first solo player on the map can reach 20 kills. Given that you can only use a knife and pistol (and that’s a maybe on the latter one), this could take a while, so make sure to watch back for sneaky assassins.

New Store Items

As with any normal week in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, there are some new items that you can pick up in the item store. These items are shared across both Modern Warfare and Warzone, so you can purchase in either game and use them in both.

First up is one of the main characters of the singleplayer campaign story mode in Modern Warfare and a fellow member of Task Force 141, Kyle “Gaz” Garrick, who is making his debut as one of the Operators in the game. You can now unlock him in the Gaz Operator bundle in the store.

It comes with the new playable Operator character from the story as well as a skin to use for him, challenges to complete that will grant you even more skins for the character, and two weapon blueprints. They are the Fair Brass and the Tanker, along with the Hit Sticks blueprint. This is all available in the single bundle this week.

The other bundle that is available this week in the item store is the Munchies bundle. This one comes with the Delivery Boy SMG blueprint and the Order Up handgun blueprint. There is also the Megacity Menace bundle that comes with the Dynatron LMG and Uncertain Futures SMG blueprints.

Chaos 10v10 and Face Off Playlists

There are a couple of new playlists that multiplayer players will find in Modern Warfare on the playlists side of things. What is interesting about the first one, Chaos 10v10, is that this one is almost like introducing a brand new game mode into the Call of Duty title.

In Chaos 10v10, this is a playlist Moshpit that includes a multitude of maps and game modes used in the title. The player count this time is 10 players on each team, making for matches of 20 players in total.

This is nearly double the normal player count of six on each team, making for only 12 players in each normal multiplayer match. You are playing on the same maps as the six on six modes, but with 10 players on each side.

This means that the maps will become more cramped and chaotic, hence the playlist’s name, which will result in some hectic and potentially fun matches. If you are a player who likes to see the map burn, you will likely enjoy this playlist where the bodies will keep piling up repeatedly.

But if 10 players on each side sounds like way too much to you, that’s fine as there is another playlist available this week that might be more your style. Face Off is another new playlist where the game takes the Gunfight-centric gameplay, amps it up to three on three, and moves it to other game modes.

If you were to take the Gunfight game mode and move it to three players on each team, and then throw that gameplay style into normal game modes, you have the strange and complex Face Off. It includes game modes like Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind, and more where you will play on a variety of different Gunfight maps.

Grab a couple of partners for this game mode and see how Domination and other objective-based game modes work on the tiny Gunfight maps that are usually used for just quick two on two rounds.

Warzone Playlists and Infantry Ground War

On the Warzone side of things, there isn’t anything too new this week, but that is understandable since the battle royale game got a ton of new content (perhaps more so than Modern Warfare) when the release of season four happened recently.

Instead, you will have just some updated playlists this week, rotating in for you to check out. On the battle royale side of things, you will have access to the normal battle royale solos, duos, trios, and quads game modes with nothing too special.

As for the Plunder and Blood Money fans out there who like that game mode more, you will have the Blood Money quads game mode to look forward to this week. And last but not least, if you are opposed to battle royale but like the Verdansk map, you can enjoy respawns and bigger teams in 50 versus 50 Warzone Rumble.

If you are a fan of the big team objective mode of Ground War in Modern Warfare, you will be happy to know that a playlist will drop this week known as Infantry Ground War. That is right; if you hate the tanks in Ground War, this game mode will take them away and simplify things considerably, making it all about the huge teams battling it out solely on foot.

Gunfight in the Gulag Drops This Week

For the Call of Duty Mobile players on Android and iOS, there isn’t too much new this week, mostly for the same reason as Modern Warfare and Warzone. The new season has already begun in the mobile version of the popular franchise, so much of the new content dropped recently.

But there is one new thing in Call of Duty Mobile and that is Gunfight in the Gulag. The popular two on two Gunfight mode has updated with a brand new map for Call of Duty Mobile players: Gulag. That map might sound familiar to you and you wouldn’t be wrong to think so.

The Gulag is a popular feature that is an important part of Warzone on consoles and PC. It is a prison where the eliminated players are held and wait in line until it is their turn to fight in the prison ring for a chance to respawn and come back to life in the match.

But in the case of Call of Duty Mobile, Gulag is simply a prison multiplayer map where you will play Gunfight. The two on two game mode works perfectly here in a rather small arena with some cover but is mostly pushing you to find and eliminate one another quickly.

The new Gunfight in the Gulag map will kick off later this week on June 25, but until then, you can still check out the limited-time game mode Attack of the Undead, which is Infected. There is also the new season of content, so you can start unlocking tiers and new gear now.

Black Ops 4 Playlist Update

If you thought it was almost over for Black Ops 4 in terms of content, you would be wrong as we still haven’t heard anything about the new Call of Duty game scheduled to come out this year. As such, Black Ops 4 has its weekly playlist update this week for what is new and different.

On the multiplayer side of things, players can enjoy the double experience Chaos Domination, Nuketown 24/7 for those who love that map, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, and Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit.

On the Blackout side of things, battle royale fans can check out Hot and Heavy, Alcatraz Portals quads, quads, duos, and solos. As for Zombies players, the playlist this week is Alpha Omega. Zombies fans can also earn double Nebulium Plasma and access the Tungsten Tripler offer through July 1, so make sure to jump on that.

This Week in the Call of Duty League

Finally, there isn’t a lot happening in the Call of Duty League as most of it has already happened by the time this was written. This past weekend was the Call of Duty League Paris Home Series tournament. It was a predictable but exciting one, nonetheless.

Florida Mutineers was able to defeat Atlanta FaZe in the finals and shake up the standings for the first season considerably in the process. The Mutineers are now the second-best team in the league and have become the first team ever to win three events.

But the season is still going and there are only three events left before the championship tournament in August. If Modern Warfare isn’t your thing, the battle royale-centric Warzone Weekend tournament also happened this past weekend, where 60 of the league players dropped into a match as all solo players and battled until one was left standing. The top three players earned a share of the $10,000 prize pool.


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