Modern Warfare 8v8 Cheshire Park and More Release This Week

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 14th 2020

Activision has released a new blog post regarding everything happening this week in the Call of Duty universe. This week, players will be able to enjoy some new playlist content, including the new Modern Warfare 8v8 Cheshire Park playlist and much more for all of the major games.

This Week in Call of Duty Is a Rougher One

But we’ll be honest with you: things aren’t looking too great for the Call of Duty universe this week. There isn’t too much happening in all of the games from Call of Duty Modern Warfare to Warzone to Mobile. This week just so happens to be one of the lesser weeks.

It is strange, though, as we have typically seen really good weeks even after a major event like a new season. There is at least something new for players to check out like a new map or game mode that we haven’t seen before, but this week is a rough one compared to recent weeks.

That said, this week isn’t barren as there is stuff going on across the games; it’s just that none of it is new, for the most part. You will see the return of a bunch of older, already known playlists and game modes that we have had before.

Unless you are a Call of Duty Mobile player or a fan of the Call of Duty League, they are both getting a lot this week. The former is still early on in the new season and battle pass while the latter is coming off of one event and already gearing up for the next one to happen. Let’s take a look at everything happening across the Call of Duty universe this week.

Party Mode Moshpit and New Items

Among the “new” content this week, there is technically a brand new moshpit that you can find in Modern Warfare, but it is only just barely new because we haven’t had this one before. That said, it is composed of familiar game modes that we have had many times in the past, so it isn’t new.

The new moshpit playlist this week is the Party Mode one. This one is all about those classic free-for-all party game modes that players know and love. They are coming together for a single moshpit this week to check out all of them and more.

We only know about three of the special party modes that you will be able to enjoy in this new playlist. The first is One in the Chamber, a classic and unforgiving game mode that isn’t just all fun and games here.

In One in the Chamber, players are all given the same random weapon at the start of the match. The catch is that you only have a single bullet in the chamber when the match starts, so you only have one shot to use before running out of ammo.

The only way you can get more ammo for this gun is to get more kills and win the match, and you will need to get kills. You can do this by using the single bullet you have, melee attacks, or your finishing move.

So, it is a delicate balance of finding a way to take out your opponents to earn ammo to keep taking them out while ensuring they aren’t able to do the same to you. The player with the most points from kills at the end of the game will win the match.

The next game mode that you will find in the Party Mode playlist is Gun Game Reloaded. This special version of the classic and beloved mode is just what you would expect: all players start with the same weapon, and getting a kill will switch you to the next one. The first player to get to the combat knife and get a kill with it will win the match.

Last but not least, the third game mode we know about is All or Nothing. Similar in a way to One in the Chamber, this one starts you out with just a knife and handgun, but the catch this time around is that you have no ammo at all in your weapon.

With the perk that you have, you can find ammo on your enemies’ bodies so you can choose to keep using your knife or finding ammo and use your handgun. But anytime that you die in the match, your ammo is reset to zero. The first player to 20 kills wins it all.

Modern Warfare 8v8 Cheshire Park Drops

On the other side of things, there is another new playlist that drops this week in the form of the Modern Warfare 8v8 Cheshire Park and Shoot House 24/7. These two seemingly separate playlists are mashed together to make one huge playlist for this week.

If you aren’t into the free-for-all nature of Party Mode, then Modern Warfare 8v8 Cheshire Park might be for you. In this new playlist, you can easily check out the new map recently added: Cheshire Park.

But what is unique about this playlist is that you will be able to check it out. Still, you will enter into a match adjusted to allow for eight players on each side rather than the normal six standard for most traditional multiplayer matches in Modern Warfare.

But you aren’t always guaranteed to get Cheshire Park and its special eight on eight matches in this playlist, as it strangely combined with Shoot House 24/7 for some reason.

The community loves this because it lets you play a variety of game modes on the very popular map Shoot House. If you like either of these two maps, be sure to check out Modern Warfare 8v8 Cheshire Park while it is still available in the game.

There isn’t anything special at all going on in the battle royale game for those who like Warzone. This week’s playlists are just the same old ones, with solos, duos, trios, and quads. This weekend, you’ll be able to play the Rumble one for fans of Team Deathmatch and Plunder fans have trios to look forward to.

Gunfight Tournaments are continuing this week, too, so if you missed out on that action last week, it will stick around for a short while longer. In this special version of the competitive two on two mode, you are placed in a tournament bracket of 16 teams and battle until one team is left standing.

New items have dropped this week as well, including the new Hydra Slayer bundle. It includes two legendary weapon blueprints that you can pick up, the Soul of the Beast assault rifle and the Spirit of the Beast SMG. Both of these weapons have fairly great range compared to their counterparts.

Syd: Rogue Operative bundle available this week includes a new skin for her as well as a weapon blueprint, watch, vehicle skin for the cargo truck, a calling card, and an emblem. You’ll be able to pick up all of these items this week in the store for a limited time, so don’t miss out on them if you’re interested.

Call of Duty Mobile Begins a New Season

But for players who like Call of Duty Mobile, you will find that there is a lot to do this week, especially if you missed out on the launch of the new season last week. Late last week, the new Forge season dropped in the mobile game on Android and iOS with a ton of new content to explore.

Like the Radioactive Agent season before it, there is a unified battle pass with both a free and paid version for players to unlock content from. The free tiers give out some awesome stuff this season like the Shrapnel perk, DR-H assault rifle, and more, so don’t miss out on that.

For those of you who want the paid version of the battle pass this season, you will get a lot of cosmetic items, including a new type of cosmetic that we haven’t seen before in the mobile game. When you purchase the paid battle pass at tier one, you will get the first-ever vehicle skin for the tank.

There is also the new Juggernaut mode that you can play for a limited time so that it won’t stick around for long. In this crazy mode, one player is picked to hop into the XS1 Goliath and use its weaponry to take down the other five players.

The five players will need to work together to take down the Juggernaut, but then once they are down, someone can take its place, and the fight will continue. This is ultimately a free-for-all game mode where the player with the most points at the end will win, so it pays to keep the Goliath suit.

What’s specifically new this week is the Solstice Awakening limited-time event. This Thursday, the event will begin with the opportunity to play some matches and earn some special rewards. This event will last until July 30, so you have a couple of weeks to unlock everything through matches on places like the new multiplayer map High Rise.

Weekly Black Ops 4 Playlist Update

As always, Black Ops 4 players have some updated playlists to look forward to this week. There isn’t much time left, but the double experience, double weapon XP, double merits, and Nebulium Plasma is ending this week, so act fast if you want to take advantage of that while you still can.

Otherwise, multiplayer fans will be happy to know that Infected is now back in the game with its own special double experience playlist. The multiplayer playlists this week include the double XP Infected: Final Stand, Nuketown, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, and Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit.

On the Blackout side of things, battle royale players will be able to check out the Hot and Heavy playlist per usual (mix of Hot Pursuit and Heavy Metal Heroes), Alcatraz Portals quads, normal quads, duos, and solos. And lastly, Zombies players have the IX playlist this week to check out.

What’s Happening in the Call of Duty League?

When it comes to what’s happening this week, perhaps no game touches upon the Call of Duty League in terms of events. We are hot off of the last tournament in the league’s first season, the New York Subliners Home Series Weekend.

You can check out our full event breakdown, including the shocking win from the New York Subliners, who successfully defended their own Home Series event. It was a shocking event with its outcome, but the craziness isn’t over yet.

The Call of Duty League will be hosting its next event immediately after the last one, with this upcoming weekend being the time for the penultimate normal event this season: the London Royal Ravens Home Series 2. They’ve already hosted one before; this will be their second.

Given that this is the second-to-last Home Series event and the last one for some teams for this first season, the stakes are high as we near the championship weekend next month. We’ll have our full preview of the London Royal Ravens Home Series 2, including our predictions for the winner, so be sure to stay tuned for later this week.


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