Mobile Legends Content Creators Allegedly Being Paid to Not Play Wild Rift

by in League of Legends | Oct, 26th 2020

There’s a lot of exciting rumors running wild right now. Perhaps the juiciest revolves around the mobile MOBA scene. The rumor is that other parties are paying some of the biggest Mobile Legends content creators in the SEA region not to touch League of Legends Wild Rift. If this is true, it’s going to divide the scene. This is all rumor, mind. There’s no 100% confirmation as of yet. But we have seen some interesting thoughts come out of it.

Mobile Legends and Wild Rift have been entangled for a while. The Riot title isn’t even out yet. Mobile Legends was once accused of being a copy of League of Legends, but it still endures.

The Right Side of History

Allegedly, Moonton (developers of Mobile Legends) pay a few of the major creators to not touch Wild Rift with the regional open beta beginning in Indonesia. Hasagi is an Indonesian media outlet, and they reported that a former ML Esports team, EVOS discussed this on their stream.

Torino “Donkey” Putra spoke to his viewers. He and a friend “received an offer from other parties not to play Wild Rift.” Donkey did not state who this party was that made the offer, so that’s the extent of what we know. It’s not too hard to figure out who might be doing it. Our guess is Moonton themselves or a group affiliated with them. Some people see it and are glad, according to Hiru. It means Wild Rift is having a huge impact on the mobile gaming scene.

Mobile Legends is huge in the SEA region and Indonesia in particular. It is a fun mobile MOBA, and this writer enjoys it in his downtime. Could this be a way to counter Riot’s planned esports move into the SEA area? There’s talk that Riot is going to drop some major esports in the area for Wild Rift. It wouldn’t be a shock since there is already talk about Valorant esports down in the area.

Offers were also made to content creators in the Philippines to hinder the growth of Wild Rift. Of course, those content creators might have contracts that prevent them from playing it in the first place, but there’s no telling.

This could also be a ploy by people who love Wild Rift to try and discredit Mobile Legends. What’s the truth here? Moonton has yet to speak about it, and we aren’t expecting them to. Who would openly admit to paying people not to pay for the competition? It’s certainly an interesting story.


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