Mizkif Blasts Twitch Staff Member for DMCA Issues

by in Entertainment | Dec, 1st 2020

There’s a lot of heat and anger generated towards Twitch right now. The DMCA issues have everyone feeling nervous, afraid to do anything on a stream. After all, you don’t want to do an IRL stream, or play anything that could have music you don’t own, in fear of a ban. So when Mizkif (Matthew Rinaudo) had a stream opening Pokemon card packs, a Twitch staff member mocked him, resulting in a rant about DMCA. While neither person is really in the right here, it just shows how tense the situation is between streamer and staff member – even if the Twitch staffer isn’t someone who works on the site itself.

A Broadcast Solutions Engineer – Not ‘Really’ Twitch Staff

Saying someone is “Twitch staff” tends to make us think of the people that make the big decisions, that are letting us, the streamers/viewers down right now. This situation went down on Mizkif’s November 29th stream, where he was again, opening up packs of Pokemon cards. The stream viewer in question was AidenWallis, who started talking about the odds of Mizkif pulling a rare.

AidenWallis said, “We have a higher chance of getting content than you do of getting something rare,”, which Mizkif read aloud on the stream. As one can imagine, Mizkif did not take kindly to the Twitch staff member, and ranted about how he could do more, if it weren’t for all the DMCA troubles going around right now. It’s almost as if Twitch needs to do something to protect their streamers or something!

Mizkif’s heated response was:

“How about you f**king fix your website instead of telling me to get content,” he swore. “Maybe when I can actually play good music I’ll actually be able to do some fun stuff. Or go IRL stream and actually be able to walk across a store.

“Aiden Wallis is coming here to tell me to get content. How about you fix your f**king website, dude.”

Sadly, this Twitch staff member that caught the DMCA rant from Mizkif had no say-so in how all of it is currently going down. But bringing attention to themselves as a Twitch staffer, we can understand why this made Mizkif so angry. The person shows up in a popular stream, mocks them without really knowing them, and can’t really expect to get nothing back. It’s one thing for a friend to show up and drop some roasts, but this AidenWallis did it apropos of nothing. 

Mizkif, once he realized the Twitch staff member doesn’t work on the website realized he dropped bombs on Twitch for no reason. It’s a fear and anger a lot of streamers have though, especially right now. It would be terrible for someone who relies on Twitch as a primary source of income, to lose that right around the holidays, especially with COVID-19 lurking. The fear is reasonable though. IRL streamers can’t even go into stores or walk in public places while streaming, of fear of catching a DMCA ban that is out of their control.

Writer’s Thoughts: While this writer doesn’t really get IRL streams, he understands their popularity. Mizkif’s anger might have been misplaced, but AidenWallis probably should have known better than to joke about something like that as a Twitch employee, especially in this current climate of content. Besides, Mizkif puts out pretty fantastic content, so it was a pretty unnecessary low blow from the staffer. Perhaps if the DMCA issues get sorted, and streamers can stop being afraid to do more in their content, this anger will dissipate. For now though, it looks like it’s going nowhere fast.


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