Mixer Streamers Accused of Using Bots to Steal $80,000 from Company

by in General | Dec, 10th 2019

Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer has steadily grown its online presence over the past few months. They’ve picked up streamers such as Ninja and FaZe Ewok to expand their stable of streamers and loyal fans who followed them.

While many streamers have come from other platforms, a handful have been partnered with Mixer since last year, finding their major fanbase growth on the platform, or so it seemed.

The legitimacy of this recent growth has been called into question. Revelations about how several streamers were garnering viewers have brought that into question.

Bot Me All the Way to the Top

According to allegation tweets from Mixer streamer JaredFPS, Ministerio CI and TabooSaucer used bots to artificially boost their Mixer viewership numbers to steal thousands of dollars from the company.

The Mixer bots scheme worked by having bot accounts log on and watch the two every time their stream went live. It allowed them to garner massive quantities of the currency sparks, which generate from just watching the said streams.

These accounts would then donate all the sparks to the streamers. It allowed them to rake in massive quantities for little to no effort on their part.

The currency itself isn’t worth anything. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if it weren’t for the Patronage system the company introduced. The system allows streamers to convert sparks they earned in a month into real money, depending on how much they raised.

While most streamers on the platform only earn up to a couple of hundred dollars at most through this system, Ministerio and Taboo utilized bots to abuse it and garner massive quantities of the currency.

He reasoned this was why the Spark-to-cash conversion system ended earlier this year. Several others did the same thing and clogged the top of the Mixer directory beforehand.

Other Unlawful Streaming Schemes

They didn’t stop there, though. Mixer introduced a viewer promotion that paid Mixer partners a certain amount per view to their channel in that time frame.

The two again took advantage of Mixer’s system by embedding their streams on a website called manga-mx.com. It would autoplay their streams at the bottom of the page while users were reading manga. Many were unaware because the stream was below the white space on the main section of the page.

This autoplay counted as views in Mixer’s system. It artificially boosted their viewership numbers well above what they could usually get. In combination with the bots, it led them to huge paydays from Mixer.

While embedding your stream isn’t illegal by any means on Mixer, doing so in such a sly way to garner views from those not trying to watch it (like Facebook does), is a frowned upon approach.

Jared alleges the pair stole over $80,000 from Mixer abusing these systems. He stated he’s sending the information provided by an anonymous source to the higher-ups at Mixer to look at.

Mixer Bots Scandal Aftermath

While no punishment has been announced, it’s highly likely they’ll face severe consequences and possible legal action for their crimes. How Mixer will enforce that on streamers who live outside the US is currently unknown.

The whole ordeal is another setback in Mixer’s struggle to establish itself in the streaming community. It is not something the company was looking to see made public just as they were starting to find their footing.

We’ll continue to keep this story updated as the situation develops.


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