Leaked Footage Reveals Low Morale at Mixer

by in Entertainment | Feb, 26th 2020

It’s no secret that Mixer has struggled as a streaming platform to gain traction amidst a crowd of competition ranging from Twitch to YouTube and even Facebook.

While things haven’t looked great for the Microsoft-owned company, they’ve outwardly pushed a view of optimism the site’s future. They insist that it’s been making progress towards becoming a big player in the streaming scene.

More Issues With Mixer

Internally, however, things appear to be drastically different and very dire as a recent leak by OnMSFT revealed morale has hit an all-time low amongst staff at Mixer.

According to the Mixer leaked video, taken during a Mixer town hall meeting, the company went through 16 rounds of layoffs in six months. This resulted in 25% of workforce layoffs. Already running at bare minimum, the layoffs reportedly put a major strain on team morale and increased frustration among staff. The team’s newly appointed general manager Shilpa Yadla was supposed to help fix this problem.

She supposedly met one-on-one with staff to hear concerns and issues. This culminated in the recorded Mixer town hall meeting meant to alleviate the concerns staff had. Unfortunately, the meeting completely backfired for Yadla. Attendees reacted with shock and outrage over her comments during the event.

Speaking on the feedback received, Yadla referred to it as “blah, blah, blah,” and called serious issues brought up “negative feedback.” Staff left the meeting reportedly in anger and sarcastically commented. “Wow, now I really want to work for her, thanks for listening.”

OnMSFT has yet to confirm that the leaker who sent the email works at Microsoft. These leaks prove the streaming platform isn’t in a comfortable position as they’ve been pushing to the public. They could provoke a mass migration of their streamers to other platforms out of fear for its future. We’ll continue to follow this story and keep you all updated as the situation around Mixer and the ongoing streaming wars develop.


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