Minnesota Rokkr Replaces GodRx With Exceed Ahead of Playoffs

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 29th 2020

At one time, Minnesota Rokkr was one of the best teams in the Call of Duty League, or at least it seemed that way. Since the league made the massive switch to an online-only format remotely, it has struggled consistently, and this has resulted in a move that kicked GodRx from the Minnesota Rokkr starting lineup.

Minnesota Rokkr GodRx Gets Replaced

Minnesota Rokkr posted on their official Twitter account recently about the permanent starting roster change. Now, GodRx will be replaced immediately by the substitute player Exceed ahead of the playoffs season that will start in just under a month.

This decision is a rather surprising and sudden one for the Minnesota Rokkr, a team that certainly could have used this change at any point up until now. So, it does seem odd to have GodRx step down from the starting roster and replaced this late into the first season of the league.

Regardless, Rokkr posted about the change on Twitter with a short video message from their head coach and assistant coach announcing it. Head coach Saintt and assistant coach Reppin appeared in the video, revealing that Exceed will join the starting roster but why this happened.

The decision was made because of the way that GodRx plays professionally in matches. According to the two coaches for Minnesota Rokkr, the pro player was too slow for the team overall, and this was something that needed to change to help their results.

Decision Was Made to Up the Pace of the Team

The pro player was an excellent addition to the starting roster at the beginning of the league, being one of the main reasons why Minnesota Rokkr was doing so well at the start. Then the team quickly fell down a losing hole and never really came out of it since then.

And since that downturn began, the slower pace of the team hasn’t really helped against major teams like Atlanta FaZe and Florida Mutineers who they can’t keep up with that much and have lost against time and time again in the second half of the Call of Duty League 2020 season.

With the replacement of him with Exceed now for the playoffs season, this could be a chance for Minnesota Rokkr to do better than they did in the second half of the season and potentially make a bigger splash playoffs tournament.

However, this isn’t necessarily guaranteed, though, as this sudden decision may have been made too late. For the record, Exceed has subbed in for one of the players when an injury prevented Alexx from playing during a Home Series Weekend this month.

This Decision Was Made Too Late

The substitution meant little, though, as the outcome was ultimately the same for Minnesota Rokkr even with Exceed on the starting roster. That said, the difference there is that GodRx was still on the team then with the same slower playstyle that he has plus Exceed likely didn’t get a lot of practice time.

Those changes are being made here. Exceed will likely have a lot of practice time to enjoy before the playoffs kick off in a few weeks. But then the problem remains that this decision was made too late into the season. Rokkr should have recognized this problem sooner and done something about it.

Instead of waiting until the very last possible moment, this decision should have been made at least a month ago, if not sooner than that. This would have given Exceed and the rest of the starting lineup a chance to play together for several Home Series Weekends and get some much-needed practice in for playoffs.

Also, that change alone could have at least given the team one or two wins during the Home Series Weekends, if not even better than that, which would have made the decision worth it. Since the team wouldn’t have gotten any wins anyway, it wouldn’t have hurt things.

Rokkr Finished the Season Terribly

The very last time that Minnesota Rokkr won a single match in the Call of Duty League was in May during the Seattle Surge Home Series Weekend. That is pretty abysmal, especially for a team that was once one of the top four and then top five for a very long time.

The strong start that Minnesota Rokkr had at the beginning of the season was enough to carry them for most of the season until just this month when they finally fell out of the top five and then barely finished in the top eight by the end of the season.

They were finally kicked out of the top five by New York Subliners, who were the opposite of Rokkr in that they didn’t start super strong and then finished amazingly, rising through the ranks rapidly at the last minute to place fifth. But Rokkr didn’t stop falling there, as London Royal Ravens and Toronto Ultra were able to knock them down a couple more pegs.

It is honestly surprising that Minnesota Rokkr was even able to finish in eighth place this season given everything that has changed for them. We haven’t done our power rankings for the season yet (expect that very soon), but you can rest assured that Minnesota Rokkr will be much lower than eighth when we get to them.

These problems were recognized far too late, but there is still a chance that the team could improve some and get a win or two during the playoffs season. The eighth-place team is scheduled to kick off their first match of the playoffs against the team that took their fifth place spot: New York Subliners.

This will be a particularly tough match for the team, but perhaps this change will help make the difference. If it doesn’t and the team loses, they will likely face the winner of the Los Angeles showdown between OpTic Gaming LA and Los Angeles Guerrillas in the knockout bracket. For now, we will have to wait and see.


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