Minnesota Rokkr Release Every Single Player for the Call of Duty 2021 Season

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 8th 2020

Original Story: When it comes to disappointments in the Call of Duty League 2020 season, one of the most heartbreaking teams is none other than Minnesota Rokkr. It was a moderate favorite going into the season, but they showed everyone how great they could be at the beginning of the season.

Minnesota Rokkr Remove Two Players

Heading into the Minnesota Launch Weekend in January, we didn’t know what to expect from Rokkr. They had some great players, after all, that could be among the best. But one of those amazing players will not be returning to the Rokkr for the Call of Duty League 2021 season next year.

That’s right, Minnesota Rokkr posted on Twitter this week that releasing two players from its roster is effective immediately, and one of them is one of their best players on the team. Rokkr is removing GodRx from the team, which has been one of Minnesota’s more disappointing moves.

GodRx was removed from the team immediately alongside fellow player TTinyy. Both of them were the current substitutes for the Rokkr at the end of the 2020 season and will no longer be returning next season.

As far as we know, the other five players for the team are remaining on board with Rokkr, including Silly, Assault, Alex, Asia, and Exceed. Those five players will continue with the team. Presumably, four of them will make up the new starting roster in the next season.

Removing GodRx Is a Controversial Move

With the switch to four on four once again next season, at least one of those five remaining players will likely be on the bench for the next season. It is even possible that more than one will be on the bench if Minnesota decides to bring in some new players to help things out.

But if you look at the comments on the Minnesota Twitter post, you will see that the decision not to have GodRx as part of that group is turning out to be the most controversial move thus far in the postseason. Though GodRx is still relatively one of the newer players, he is a favorite of many.

He hasn’t won any championships yet, but Rokkr admitted it themselves in the post that he could potentially be the greatest of all time someday. He is not only a great assault rifle and SMG player who can excel at both playstyles, he is also a very strong sniper in the league.

When the Call of Duty League began earlier this year, Rokkr surprised us by being one of the strongest teams around. They were able to do marginally well during the launch weekend and then shot even higher during the third and fourth Home Series of the season.

Rokkr Started Strong and Then Disappointed

They were able to place in the top four finals for the Atlanta FaZe Home Series where some of the best teams competed and then even reached second place in the Los Angeles Home Series. The stage was set to keep improving and climbing through the ranks but, alas, that didn’t happen.

The world went into pandemic mode soon after the LA event, and the league came back with an online format. Minnesota Rokkr suffered from this change more than any other team in the league, not keeping up with the online playstyle compared to the in-person LAN one.

GodRx was one of the players who suffered the most from not being able to perform as well online in the competitions that followed the league’s return. We quickly saw a downturn from the team as their last win was in May. They haven’t won a match since then.

Throughout several more Home Series Weekends and then the playoffs postseason, where they could start in the upper bracket and compete in two matches, they could still manage a win or anything. Still, they did at least avoided becoming the worst team.

Rokkr Likely Needs More Changes Than This for Next Season

However, in our season power rankings, we put them near the bottom as they did start great but ended up being one of the worst teams. In all honesty, releasing one of their best LAN players in GodRx isn’t likely enough to help Minnesota Rokkr next season. There is the chance that he asked to move teams himself, but the announcement doesn’t clarify this information.

Regardless, this could be bad for Rokkr for two main reasons. The first reason is that they likely removed GodRx because the competition could be online for the next season or start that way. If this is the case, you wouldn’t want someone who isn’t as good at playing online.

However, the problem with this is that GodRx is far from the only reason that the Rokkr didn’t do good in the second half of the season. The other players also struggled with the online format and held the team down from being as good as possible and were at the start.

Keeping them on and having the starting roster roughly the same will likely not turn out well if the online format remains. And then if the league does have a LAN portion, perhaps without any fans in the audience or something like that next season, it is counterproductive to remove one of their best players who excel at playing in that setting.

The bottom line is that Rokkr needs to do more than remove TTinyy and GodRx from the team if they wish to do better next season. I do hope that this isn’t the case, but we shall see. Stay tuned for where these two new free agents end up in the next season.

Rokkr Remove the Rest of the Team

Update: You can find the original story that we wrote above, which has commentary that is now irrelevant, particularly for the team in general. Since writing this story, Rokkr has updated the community with more announcements. The Minnesota Rokkr announced that they are releasing more players, in addition to what was already announced recently.

After the initial announcement that only TTinyy and GodRx would be removed from the team, they have followed up with another announcement. This additional announcement is surprising as it comes not even a full 24 hours after the first one.

The eighth place team posted once again on their Twitter account with more profiles about their now former players, thanking them for their time on the roster and wishing them the best as they now move onto other teams. This particular announcement is somehow more wild than the first.

That is because Minnesota Rokkr is releasing five more players from their roster, leaving the team with, well, no one if you are keeping count. Silly, Alexx, Asim, Assault, and Exceed will all be leaving the team as well. Each one of them got their separate message on the Twitter account.

This Move Is Shocking

This has turned from a rather simple and not super game-changing move to the most drastic change that we have seen from a single team. They are the only team to remove every single player thus far and start over completely from scratch with a new set of players.

This is a shocking move, especially because these announcements came so soon after the other ones. It does bring up the question of what exactly happened that caused this sudden change. Did those player removals not get finalized until later on while the other two were immediate?

But that doesn’t make a lot of sense. If the team knew that those changes were going to be made later on, wouldn’t they wait to see what happens and then make all of the announcements at the same time?

The one possibility is that these players in the second batch of departures either chose to leave after the initial announcements were made. The opposite is true: GodRx and TTinyy decided to leave first and then Rokkr made its announcements regarding the rest of the roster after.

Why Were These Announcements Done This Way?

Another possibility is that the Rokkr received some news that caused this situation to happen. The team would be among the first to find out if the league decided to make the 2021 season online and remote like most of the 2020 season, even before the formal announcement is made.

Given how the Rokkr did so poorly after the switch to online in the 2020 season, it would make sense that Minnesota wouldn’t want to have a redo of that since it wouldn’t likely end much better the second time around.

Regardless of the truth behind these announcements, these are strange events and the most bizarre way to do it given the timing of everything. It even brings up whether or not community backlash could have come into play with this decision.

Perhaps they were already considering starting over from scratch, and the community’s disappointment in releasing only GodRx could have played a part in pushing Minnesota Rokkr to do it. That seems unlikely, but it is really hard to understand the reasoning behind this method of handling everything.

Rokkr Now Has to Start Over From Scratch

There is no other team in the league that has, thus far, removed every single player or lost every player ahead of the second season. Even other bottom of the leaderboard teams like the Los Angeles Guerrillas and Seattle Surge at least have kept one or two players from the first season around.

This essentially means no star player or mascot for the Rokkr that will be the remaining part from the inaugural season left over. They will have to start all over from scratch and add at least four brand new players at bare minimum to have a team ready to play next year.

And honestly, four isn’t enough, so we expect at least five, if not six, so there is room for substitute players if it doesn’t go as planned or something happens during the season. That is a lot to add to your team when other teams have a leg up in terms of manpower.

Presumably, Minnesota Rokkr has some other players lined up to join the roster since they made this massive announcement of releasing its players. While the initial reveal was controversial in the community, the replies to this updated announcement were filled with nothing but confusion.

This is a bold move. Fans of Rokkr aren’t too sure what to make of, especially since their favorite player has left the team. For many, it was Silly, the team leader, and one who made the team great when the competition was still in person for the first several weeks of the season.

Make sure to stay tuned soon as these announcements keep coming out more and more as the days go on and we get closer to the start of the next season. We are sure to find out more about who Rokkr is drafting for their now empty team and the league’s format soon.


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