Minnesota Rokkr Bring Back MajorManiak for Stage 4

by in Call of Duty | May, 17th 2021

Minnesota Rokkr did not do as well as expected in the third stage of the Call of Duty League 2021 season, and this is clear in the fact that the team is making a huge roster change again. This time around, it is pulling back its previous decision to bench fan-favorite player MajorManiak.

MajorManiak Returns to Rokkr

As you probably know, MajorManiak was originally one of the starting members of the Rokkr 2021 lineup, along with Attach, Accuracy, and Priestahh. However, due to some missteps for the team that has shown some great signs of life at times, he was benched in favor of a newcomer.

Standy is one of the youngest rookies in the Call of Duty League to date and has shown great talent with plenty of years left in his career at this time. However, while he is a great player, Rokkr has still struggled even with its star-studded lineup of pro players.

As such, Minnesota announced on Twitter that it is making a huge change for the upcoming fourth stage of competition with the return of MajorManiak to the starting lineup. The talented pro will get another chance to shine as part of the main roster for the team moving forward.

This, of course, does mean that his return to the starting lineup from the bench means that someone on the current squad will have to move to the bench instead for the next stage. And that person is not going to be the most recent addition, Standy, actually as it will be someone else.

Accuracy Moves to the Bench

Rokkr announced that Accuracy will be moving to the bench for the fourth stage in order to make way for MajorManiak to return to the team from now on. The head coach of the team, Saintt, and the current director of their esports strategy, Reppin, announced it in a video on Twitter.

Fortunately, the team was much more open and clear with its intentions compared to other teams in the league who will just announce a new member of the starting lineup and not address the player who is moving to the bench or, worse, being released from the organization entirely.

It looks like in this case, Rokkr is being clear that Accuracy is heading to the bench and will have the chance to keep competing professionally there where he can be loaned to other teams in the Challengers division. This is actually what MajorManiak did during the third stage.

MajorManiak Has Done Well in the Challengers Division

Rokkr Has One of the Most Talented Teams

In fact, Rokkr has one of the strongest rosters in recent memory. Attach and Accuracy were two of the best players from the previous New York Subliners team, while Priestahh and Maniak were part of the second-best team in the league last year with Atlanta FaZe.

All four of them should have not been dropped from their respective teams, but they were. And, furthermore, Standy is, in my opinion, the best rookie out of all of the ones this season. Overall, the talent that Rokkr has is insane and should rival that of the Thieves, Toronto Ultra, and so on.

But they are not, simple as that. This is a huge problem and one that I believe has nothing to do with their talent. It seems that there is a more grievous error in the franchise that is causing these problems for the team and having them be one of the most inconsistent in their performance.

I’m not quite sure what the problem is, exactly, as we need to be behind the scenes to find that out, but I do think that it comes down to one of two problems, if not both. The first is the leadership for the team. It does seem like there are some issues with how this organization is handling its talent.

What Could Be the Issue for Minnesota?

Rokkr should be doing much better than this and it is possible that the leadership is failing them in terms of direction, strategy, and what they focus on. It could be a lack of focus on the issues that Rokkr needs work on, leading to those glaring problems sticking out in the main play.

But, again, it is hard to know since we aren’t seeing the practices and scrimmages at this time. The other issue that could be the main problem is their teamwork. They are excellent players all around, but, perhaps, they are not the best ones to work together?

We know that Attach and Accuracy work well together as they did previously, and so do Priestahh and MajorManiak, but how do these duos work together? Standy seems to work really well with Attach as an excellent SMG duo, but is that the case for the rest of the team?

There is a chance that the team synergy isn’t quite there, but it could also be that it is a mix of that and the leadership for the team. We will have to wait and see for now, as this major roster change will give us results soon as the fourth stage is scheduled to begin next week.


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