Minnesota Rokkr 2021 Team Announced, Includes Some Surprising Additions

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 15th 2020

The Minnesota Rokkr 2021 team has been revealed. The Rokkr are now the first team to officially reveal their full, permanent starting lineup for the next season, and it is quite the doozy. Though we heard some rumors before, the actual announcement is one of the most surprising yet.

Minnesota Rokkr 2021 Team Revealed

The Rokkr posted about the full starting lineup on their Twitter account today, revealing a simple video teaser showing off who will be joining the once empty team. Also, the official Call of Duty League Twitter account followed up with its tweet about the matter.

The official Call of Duty League Twitter confirmed the news of the Minnesota Rokkr 2021 team. We know of four players currently, and they are quite surprising since we didn’t expect any of them to join the complicated team.

The four starting players for the Minnesota Rokkr 2021 team next season will officially be Priestahh, Attach, Accuracy, and MajorManiak. If you are shocked by this lineup, you aren’t alone as this is a roster that we certainly didn’t expect to see together, especially on a team like Minnesota.

Priestahh and MajorManiak will be departing Atlanta FaZe, the second-best team in the league currently (or the best depending on who you talk to), and joining Rokkr next season. On the other hand, Accuracy and Attach will be leaving New York Subliners to join Minnesota to round out the group.

Four Amazing Players Join Rokkr

Also, Priestahh and Attach have formerly been teammates in the past when they played for the old Call of Duty FaZe Clan back in the day when the league had yet to form. We didn’t expect this strange situation, but it seems like a positive decision that could mean great things for Rokkr.

During the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League, Minnesota Rokkr was one of the wildcard teams that many had considered to have potential to do well during the season. They did well for the first few weeks and considered among the top teams for a while.

But the switch to an online, remote format killed the team’s momentum. They quickly down spiraled to the point where their very last win in the league happened in May even though the season went through August for the playoffs.

They went from one of the top five teams to land in the No. 8 spot for the normal season. That said, they were only able to place in a tie for 10th place during the playoffs without a single win, despite starting the tournament in the upper bracket.

2021 Looks Much Better for Rokkr Than 2020

It was a poor season for the Minnesota Rokkr to the point where our overall power rankings for the 2020 season put the team at the very bottom of the list. In the end, it was surprising that the team released the entire roster and started over from scratch.

But we didn’t expect the new roster to be anything quite like this one with players who are certainly worthy of being on a champion team. In all honesty, we expected some good but maybe not on the level of amazing teams like Atlanta FaZe and New York Subliners.

Bringing together two of the most impressive teams from the inaugural season, including someone like Attach, who was MVP-worthy in our minds, is an unbelievably impressive get for Minnesota Rokkr that likely cost an unimaginably pretty penny for them to get at this point.

The Minnesota Rokkr 2021 team has gone from an unknown and probably at the bottom of the tier list to one of the most impressive and watched in the upcoming season. With Black Ops Cold War, the game that they will play for the season, they can be one of the top groups.

What Will Happen Now to Atlanta and New York?

Of course, it will come down to many factors like how the players work together, how well they do in Black Ops Cold War, and how they compare to the other teams in the league. Then there is the issue of whether or not the league will be played online or not.

Regardless, we have high hopes now for the new Minnesota Rokkr team. We fully expect them to be a major contender in the upcoming season. However, it does bring up the question of what will happen with Atlanta FaZe and New York Subliners in the next season.

We knew that Priestahh would be leaving the team, but MajorManiak is news to us. This leaves Cellium, Simp, and aBeZy for now. We don’t expect any more of them to leave the team. It will be interesting to see who will round out the four-man roster for that team.

On the other hand, we have New York Subliners, which are in an even more precarious position for the new season. The announcement of Attach leaving is a surprising one since, as far as we knew until now, his contract was extended, and it seemed that he would stay on with ZooMaa and Mack.

But now it seems that those two players remain on the New York Subliners team. This leaves two open positions on the starting roster. There is no telling who could take those spots. Presumably, current world champion Clayster, who will likely leave Dallas Empire, will fill it.

On the other hand, the other open spot is unknown for now. Many players will be leaving their teams with the switch to a four-player format, so there are many possibilities. Rokkr is the first team to fully reveal its final starting roster, but we expect more in the coming days and weeks.


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