Minecraft Update 1.18 Might be Coming Sooner than Players Think

by in General | Nov, 11th 2021

Minecraft has been consistently updating since its launch many years ago. Now sitting as one of the most purchased online indie games, players from around the world can join with their friends to explore the blocky world of Minecraft. One of the biggest updates for the game that players have been waiting for is the second half of the Minecraft 1.18 caves and cliffs update. 

What Comes in this Update?

This new update to the game which has been split into two updates promises a whole new world generation, raising the building height, and making the game’s world floor go to -60. Included in this game is a whole new set of cave systems. However, Mojang mentioned that they were going to split the update into two, and put the meat and potatoes of the caves and cliffs update into a later update this year. During Minecraft Live this year, they said that the update is going to come “in a month or two” as well as announce that the game’s underground biome the Deep Dark is coming to the game in the Wild update, coming next year

However, it seems that the Caves and Cliffs update is going to finally come to the game sooner than later. 

Minecraft Update Teased on Twitter

Enter the Twitter user and Mojang developer @slicedlime. They posted online that the game isn’t going to receive a snapshot, but instead is going to have something prepared for tomorrow. However, the wording of the tweet is where things become more interesting. 

The phrase “pre-paring” is the key to understanding the release timing for the game. Seeing that they used “pre-paring” instead of “preparing” could mean that the game is going to receive a pre-release version of the new update. This will mean that while the update is done, it’s in its final testing phases before going live, and players will be able to try out the update before it goes live. The time between the pre-release and when the actual update comes out varies, but it could be between a few days and a few weeks.

With all this in mind, there’s a very good chance that the game’s final version of the Minecraft 1.18 caves and cliffs update is going to come out before the end of November, and players will be able to enjoy the new Minecraft update in no time. 


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