Microsoft Supposedly Interested in Acquiring Discord for $10 Billion

by in General | Mar, 23rd 2021

Here’s an unexpected bit of news: Microsoft is supposedly interested in acquiring Discord for a whopping $10 billion! That’s quite a hefty sum, although it’s fair to say that Discord — a platform with over 140 million monthly users — is well worth it. Heck, Discord has pretty much become a global phenomenon and is the go-to option for all voice/text communication, regardless if it’s gaming-related or not. That’s why this is such a big deal: Discord, as a product, has transcended its original purpose and has become mainstream in more ways than one. 

They’re supposedly looking to sell, which, to be fair, does come as a bit of a surprise. As a company, they’re doing insanely well. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Discord has generated over $130 million in revenue in 2020, a seismic increase over the (comparatively meager) $45 million from 2019. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic certainly played a big role, but Discord has always been on an upwards trajectory ever since its release, so it would’ve reached such a point sooner or later. 

A pandemic catalyzing positive growth. What a strange thing to behold.

A Sale Might Be on the Horizon

The Discord folks have supposedly signed an “exclusive acquisition discussion” with an interested party which means they might sell the company sooner rather than later. They’re supposedly in talks with multiple parties, but the most interesting one — which is probably the highest bidder — is none other than Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft.

Despite Discord’s wild and uncontrollable growth, they’re still not profitable as a company, which is why they’re “testing the waters,” so to speak. They can’t go public either, so it’ll be interesting to see which route they’ll ultimately opt for. Selling to Microsoft makes a lot of sense as they would almost surely protect their values and continue developing their product in a wholly positive (and original) direction. We know that Microsoft has the money to spend and is actively looking to broaden its arsenal to take on Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft acquiring Discord would be an absolute home run. With this in mind, the $10 billion price tag doesn’t seem all that steep. In any case, we’ll bring you any updates from the moment they hit the web, so stay tuned! 


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