MG3, Decoy Grenade Release in PUBG Update 8.2

by in PUBG | Aug, 10th 2020

PUBG Corp. has released new details regarding the next major downloadable update that is coming to PUBG. PUBG update 8.2 is the next major patch for season eight and brings with it a ton of new content and gameplay additions, including the new PUBG MG3 LMG weapon. 

PUBG Update 8.2 Release Dates Revealed

Better yet, players won’t have to wait too long to enjoy everything that is being offered as part of the PUBG update 8.2 content. The release dates have been revealed for the new update, including all of the different platforms and the test servers. 

Like always, if you are interested in checking out the PUBG MG3 weapon and everything else in this new update as soon as possible, then you are going to want to use the PUBG test server. This update will be dropping for the PC test server before it goes live anywhere else. 

The release date for the PC test server version of update 8.2 is currently set for this Wednesday, August 12. As always, this will be the first place to play it before it heads elsewhere. Oddly enough, it does look like there will be no console test server version of this update, so PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait a little bit longer to try it out.

After the PC test server release date, the next date will be a week later on August 19 when the PC live servers on Steam will get the full update for use. Unfortunately, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia players will have to wait even longer for the game to be updated to this new patch version.

It won’t be released on the live servers for those three platforms until about a week after that on August 27. It seems that, unlike the recent season 8 patch, players will not be able to test it out on the console versions of the battle royale game. Here’s what you will find in this update when it does finally launch for your platform. 

What’s New: PUBG MG3 Weapon

First and foremost, the new patch will include a couple of new weapons that players will be able to add to their arsenal when looting around the various maps in PUBG. The first of these is the PUBG MG3 weapon. This new gun fits into the light machine gun category of weapons. 

What is interesting about the release of the new PUBG MG3 weapon is that it is the first new gun in quite some time for the game. It seemed like for a while that PUBG Corp. wasn’t going to release new weapons that often, as that is something that the developer made clear as well. 

But here we are with a brand new LMG joining the game. To keep this balanced, though, you will only find the PUBG MG3 weapon in care packages and that is it. You will not be able to find this weapon just lying around when you are exploring the maps. 

Interestingly enough, this new LMG will also only be available in normal unranked matches at this time. It is likely because the developer is seeing how it does in the metagame before bringing it over to the more delicate ranked mode where balance is key to a fair system. 

The MG3 has two firing modes that you will be able to use in a rather unique way, the first being 660 RPM and the other being 990 RPM. This will likely allow the player to control the rounds more with the former and truly decimate with unrivaled speed with the latter. 

It is able to hold 75 rounds at one time in its magazine and has a 1.25 times damage multiplier when you are shooting vehicles. Tracer rounds will be unleashed every fifth round and for the final 10 bullets in the magazine. These allow the player to trace the enemy, but only they will see this. 

It supports optics up to the 6x scope, meaning that you can likely use the PUBG MG3 weapon in some pretty long-range fights. It also has an attached bipod for prone shooting that will make it much more accurate. Overall, this looks to be an insanely powerful and versatile beast. 

Decoy Grenade Is Here

Interestingly enough, the PUBG MG3 LMG weapon is far from the only new weapon that players will be able to enjoy in update 8.2. The other one is a brand new explosive weapon known as the decoy grenade. This is a strange grenade that is mostly used for distracting opponents rather than taking them out. 

The decoy grenade is a new throwable weapon that will not necessarily damage enemies but, instead, mimic normal gunshot sounds for 10 seconds. This is used to make your enemy think you are doing one thing when you could be running away or getting to a different angle to take them out. 

The decoy grenade will only be available on the Sanhok map in normal matches, so no ranked mode here either for now. It is a rare world spawn item, so while you will be able to find it as floor loot, it will still be a little bit rarer than the usual weapons in the battle royale game. 

Like other grenades, you can cook the decoy grenade by holding onto it for a few seconds to make sure that it starts its distraction much faster when thrown. It will mimic gunshot sounds for a period of time as well as drop shell casings to make it even more believable. 

Unfortunately, the decoy grenade is not waterproof so don’t attempt to use this in water at all. And it is not showing up in training mode for now, so players won’t be able to test it out unless you are in an actual battle royale match online. 

Gameplay and Erangel Changes

While the MG3 is the only new gun that you will find in this update, a few of the existing weapons have been updated to look new and improved. The M416, SKS, and Kar98k have all been remodeled from scratch to look much better visually as well as have new firing sounds. 

The care package has been updated, too, to have C4 on all maps except Karakin, for some reason. And the MG3 is available on all maps as well, but including Karakin this time. Neither the C4 nor the MG3 are available in ranked modes at this time.

The PUBG MG3 LMG isn’t the only one in its weapon category to get some damage multipliers when it comes to shooting vehicles. The other LMG weapons now have this as well. For the DP28, the multiplier is 1.15 and it is 1.10 for the M249 LMG.

The camera shake while shooting an LMG in prone has been reduced but there have been no actual changes to the weapon recoil. But this could help players out as the weapon could feel more stable due to less camera shake while using it in prone. 

The original PUBG battle royale map Erangel has a couple of changes in this update that include four new docks that are on the island. Two of these four docks have been added to existing locations. One is at the Novorepnoye and the other is found at Ferry Pier. 

As for the final two docks that have been added to the game, one dock is at the southern beach of the Erangel mainland while the last one is found on Sosnovka Island. 

Helmet and Performance Changes

One of the most surprising changes (but certainly welcome) is that players will now have more choice when it comes to your appearance. Taking a couple of cues from MMOs and RPGs, you will now be able to hide your helmet while you are in the game and still receive its bonuses.

If you are not a fan of having to see your level three helmet while you are wearing it, you can now turn it off visually and see your cosmetics in true fashion. Got a really cool mask or other hat on your head? You are finally able to play the match and see it without sacrificing your defense. 

The only catch is that the other players will still see you wearing the normal helmet and not whatever you’re wearing cosmetically. So, basically, this change is meant only for you to see yourself as you really want to and to make sure that your audience (if you’re a content creator) sees that, too.

The helmet hide feature is disabled by default in the game, so any interested players should enable it in the settings or by clicking the option in your inventory. To accompany this major change, there are now two separate inventory slots for the head cosmetic item and the helmet armor item. 

On the performance side of things, there are a few changes to help the game play better for some players. The first is improving the font loading process in order to reduce the game stuttering and hitching for some players. 

The process of loading character data has been optimized. This should help reduce hitching and ensure that players have a more consistent frame rate in matches. The item table will now preload into the client so that items will load quicker for you. 

The game shouldn’t hitch as much now when you are loading a character on the inventory screen as well. And lastly, the Key Guide widget has been changed to reduce stuttering and the like that it was causing for some players. 

Social Changes and New Items

On the social side of PUBG, the friends list has received a complete rework to make it much better. This includes not just how the friends list works but also the visual quality of it as well. It begins with finding more detailed statuses regarding your friends, like telling if you someone is on your team.

The friends tab will also now display the last time that an offline pal was online, so you know how long it has been since they last played the game. You will also find information on friends regarding the last time that the two of you played together. 

You are now able to invite a player that is already on another team, in the event that you want to steal someone for your team. If the player accepts the invite, they will move from their current team to the new team. Lastly, following friends will now become adding and removing friends. 

Custom matches now have a new message for players that are kicked by the match observers. The replay system has been updated again in this update, so older files will no longer work. Make sure to backup and save those replay files now before the patch drops on your respective platform. 

As always, there are a lot of new items that are dropping in this update. Night on the Town is the first bundle that is new to this patch and it contains the Nightclub Dress Set (including Victory Dance 23) and the Bow Tie and Suspenders Set (plus the Bundle of Hearts emote).

You will be able to purchase various items individually from that bundle in the event you only want some of them. The PUBG Championship Series 2 item sets are also available. They include the SLR box, Beryl M762 box, S12K, Buggy, Mask, Emote, All-in-One, and Weapon sets. 

Finally, for the first time ever, PUBG is bringing back a couple of fan favorite skins that haven’t been sold since their initial launch. Those skins are the Gold and Silver Plated M416 sets. If you didn’t get a chance to buy them the first time around, this is your second and perhaps only other chance so don’t miss out. 

There are a lot of changes and other bug fixes that are in PUBG update 8.2. We were only able to cover the main changes, but if you want to see all of the other smaller features as well, be sure to check out the full patch notes for this upcoming update right here on the PUBG blog. 


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