Metroid’s Samus Aran Seemingly Spotted in Batman Fortnite Crossover Comic

by in Fortnite | May, 20th 2021

Fortnite Is well known for its absurd amount of crossovers and wacky skins during their seasons. With characters from well-known series like Ellen Ripley from Alien to the Predator in the last season of the game. However, many fans were asking about the inclusion of Samus Aran from Nintendo’s Metroid series, as it was mentioned in passing during the Apple vs. Epic court case. Fan’s might have gotten their answer to the question of Samus’ appearance in the game through a crossover comic between Fortnite and Batman. 

Samus Mentioned During Epic vs. Apple

During the Epic vs. Apple Trial in the first week of May this year, Epic had brought up new modes and ideas for the game including character skins that were planned for the title, while not confirmed Epic Games was actively reaching out to the IP owners to include them in Fortnite. These characters include but are not limited to: Naruto, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series of books, Uma Therman’s “The Bride” from Kill Bill, Kurt Russel’s Snake Plissken from Escape from New York, Bruce Willis’ John McClane from Die Hard, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Samus Aran. The list also includes multiple names of other characters already added to the game such as Master Chief, Kratos, and Sarah Connor, which means that the possibility of these characters showing up sooner or later is more likely than one might think. 

However, the possibility of Samus possibly just increased with the introduction of a new issue in the Batman x Fortnite Comic Zero Point.

Samus’ “Appearance” in Zero Point

Zero Point is a comic collaboration between DC Comics and Epic Games, Featuring characters from batman, including the caped crusader himself. This small series of issues in the comic run parallel with batman’s inclusion in Fortnite before the last season, when the crossover characters were bounty hunters. However, in this version of the comic readers will see batman get pulled through a rift in reality itself. This rift sends batman to the fortnite universe where he has to find his way out, despite having no memory of who he is or where he came from. However, he runs into familiar faces along the way such as Catwoman and Harley Quinn. In the third issue of the comic, Batman is pitted against G.I. Joe’s master ninja, Snake Eyes. Throughout the comic we see Batman and Snake Eyes fight one another before learning how to communicate through hand signals, much to the dismay of the comic’s invisible antagonist. However, in one panel of the comic, fan’s noticed a familiar silhouette in the background of the fight between Batman and Snake eyes. 

A Twitter User by the name of JOURDON a.k.a. @DynamoSuperX made a post pointing out that one the characters in the background happened to look exactly like Samus from Metroid. 

bro, that’s literally a Samus silhouette in this Fortnite comic. guessing we bout to see some huge crossover announcements at E3.

He Continues to theorize what would come with the possibility that Samus would join the fortnite cast. “and if this means what I think means, smash bros fans bout to be pissed.”

Many other fans began to speculate about the implications of putting Samus in Fortnite, a game almost as big as Super Smash Brothers. 

Another user, Bray a.k.a. @braythenerd put out his own prediction about the possible implications in June. “Wham bam prediction time Nintendo and fn [Fortnite] will have something together at e3, Fortnite x smash, Prime 4 info, Samus in fortnite after the direct.

The possibility that Nintendo and Epic games had made an agreement discussing putting Samus into Fortnite as an exchange for adding some form of Fortnite Representation into smash brothers doesn’t seem unlikely, as Nintendo has launched Fortnite bundles for the Switch, with custom colored Joycon’s and a special skin for the game. However, with Fortnite’s humungous cast of characters on the title, which one would fit the bill to represent the battle royale in Smash Brothers? 


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