Mega Man Live-Action Movie in Production at Netflix

by in Entertainment | Dec, 14th 2021

On the topic of retro gaming icons, players will remember names like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Game & Watch, and more importantly, Mega Man. Being one of Capcom’s titles that stayed with the company since the NES era, the Blue Bomber has been in everything from video games, to fighting titles, and even television for a short while. However, there’s one place that Mega Man has yet to go, the big screen. Although, it seems that after 11 mainline games, and some very well-made spinoff titles, Mega Man is finally going to tackle cinema. But, the company the Mega Man movie is being produced under has fans wondering if their favorite character is going to be rebuilt in a way that isn’t going to satisfy fans, Netflix.

Mega Man Production Leaked by Studio Working with Netflix

Originally caught by the Mega Man fan site Rockman Corner, Supermarche, the production company discussing the project mentions that they’re currently in the midst of developing a Mega Man live-action film.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Netflix has worked to develop an adaption of a video game. They’ve been responsible for making the Witcher TV Show, the Cuphead Show, The Dota 2 Anime, and most recently Riot’s Arcane Title. 

However, Netflix has received some criticism for its most recent adaption of another well-known property, Cowboy Bebop. With the show being regarded as one of the worst adaptions of a well-beloved property. Cowboy Bebop season 1 is going to be the only season of the show made. And while fans of Cowboy Bebop are going to rest easy knowing that their show isn’t going to be touched by Netflix. The precedent set by Netflix for their adaptation has fans wondering if the same fate is going to befall the Mega Man movie.

Community Reception

On Twitter, the user @Nibellion posted news about the adaption of Mega Man. Players flocked to the tweet to voice their uncertainty towards this adaption, citing the recent Cowboy Bebop show as to why they’re so worried about the adaption.

Mega Man is a tricky property as well, being that the games are known for being difficult. The fanbase for Mega Man isn’t like any of the other well-known platformer IPs like Sonic or Mario. Mega Man is a series that’s been riding on the goodwill of fans who want to see the series flourish. These fans, being older, know what Mega Man is and know what the series would need to succeed in the film industry, and a live-action adaptation of a character like Mega Man is something that has plenty of fans worried. 

Twitter user @rookie38165856 posted a quote tweet to the tweet talking about the upcoming project saying “Netflix days after canceling the Cowboy Bebop live-action:” The image is combined with a screenshot of Spongebob saying “wanna see me do it again?” 

Another Twitter user by the name of @fckmoddy said “Mega Man is one of those series that you just KNOW will translate horribly in live-action” 

There is an abundant amount of posts in the quote retweets poking fun at the announcement, comparing the upcoming adaption to the original US Box Art of Mega Man from 1987. Showing a character that looks vastly different from the original design of Mega Man in the game. The main point of the joke is that this design of Mega Man is going to be the design used in the film. However, the Mega Man movie wasn’t originally started by Netflix, the production was actually in development for a long time.

The Troubled History of the Mega Man Movie

Originally the Mega Man movie was being developed by Fox. However, the movie ended up being canned once 20th Century Fox was purchased by Disney. This then put the fate of the Mega Man movie in turmoil, until it was picked up by Netflix to complete the project. 

Despite the fact that the project has been picked up by Netflix, video game film projects like Mega Man rarely see the light of day once they’re originally canceled. Consider the fate of the Bioshock Movie, which was going to be made by Gore Verbinski, until the project was scrapped due to the director wanting the film to retain a full R-Rating. Some projects do see the light of day, like the Sonic film and the Super Mario Movie slated to come out in a year’s time. 

While the Mega Man movie doesn’t seem like it’s going to be coming out anytime soon, it’s surprising to see old Retro characters coming back into the limelight. However, with the recent track record of Netflix with their live-action adaptations, it’s no surprise that fans are going to be wary about the fate of the Blue Bomber.


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