McDonald’s Partners With Gen.G For Esports League – Yes, Really

by in General | Oct, 13th 2021

That’s right, Gen.G and Mcdonald’s are coming together for an esports league. This began in January when the esports org teamed up with McDonald’s to ultimately create a tournament for SoCal McDonald’s employees. This has also expanded as of August, where over 200 McDonald’s employees took part in an esports tournament across Virginia, Maryland, and Eastern Shore stores. Now in October, we’re seeing the McDonald’s Esports League get announced, the McDonald’s Crew League. Truly, we live in exciting times. Especially if you’re an employee of McDonald’s in some of these areas, at least.

McDonald’s Crew League And All-Star League Commencing

This is an honestly interesting announcement from Gen.G Esports. If you’re a McDonald’s employee in the DMV (Washington Metropolitan Area) or SoCal (Southern California) McDonald’s crew member, you can enter this esports league. Gen.G announced this on Twitter, and also gave the sign-up links:


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