Massive Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Leak Reportedly Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 21st 2020

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War will mark the return of the fan-favorite Zombies mode that has been gone for nearly two years at this point without a permanent version in any game. A recent Black Ops Cold War Zombies leak has reportedly revealed what’s coming to the mode.

YouTuber Reportedly Leaks Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The Black Ops Cold War Zombies leak this time around comes from the YouTuber TheGamingRevolution who came up with some leaked information from the upcoming Zombies mode. According to the popular Call of Duty YouTuber, this leak’s sources are from a reputable source.

That source is someone directly inside the Black Ops Cold War developer Treyarch to have a direct understanding of the Zombies game mode. However, this is just a rumored leak, so be sure to keep that in mind as we go over this and take it all with a grain of salt to be sure.

At the same time, if you are averse to spoilers, we highly recommend that you turn back now to avoid finding out potentially true details about the new Zombies mode. If you don’t want to wait to find out what the new version will be like, keep reading to find out.

According to the YouTuber TheGamingRevolution, who has been right in the past about various Call of Duty leaks, the Black Ops Cold War Zombies leak includes some of the maps featured in it. According to them, some of the new maps will be returning ones that we know well.

Nacht der Untoten and Der Riese Come Back

One such map is the famous Nacht der Untoten map that was the very first Zombies map that players could unlock and play on in Call of Duty World at War. That very first map from Treyarch will supposedly be coming back for a second round in the upcoming Black Ops Cold War title.

Though the setting and time are different, it seems that Nacht der Untoten will be making a comeback in two different ways. If you loved the original map from more than a decade ago, you would be able to enjoy the classic version of the beloved World at War Zombies map.

However, if you don’t care too much about nostalgia and all that jazz, you will be able to check out the new version of Nacht der Untoten that will be a Cold War take on the experience. It will be a larger map version with likely much, much better visuals.

According to the Black Ops Cold War Zombies leak, two other maps could be returning, and one of them is quite surprising. The not surprising one is the popular Der Riese that was also one of the first maps ever released for Call of Duty World at War and then brought back in the first Black Ops title.

TranZit Will Reportedly Make Its Return

This isn’t too surprising as Der Riese is one of the classics that Zombies fans love, and it has been remade before. We don’t know too much about the Black Ops Cold War version of it, but it could be a remake, much like the Black Ops 3 version of it was.

Finally, the last returning map that we know about for now in Zombies is the infamous TranZit map that this author happened to like even if most other players probably aren’t too fond of it. Hailing from Black Ops 2, this map was unique for making the Zombies experience a much larger mode.

The map had numerous locations to it that made up the map. You would ride transportation to reach other destinations. However, the strange, segmented nature of it wasn’t too beloved by Black Ops 2 players. But it seems that it could be returning for another go around in Cold War.

The question remains of how TranZit would be implemented into the game. Would it be a full-on remake of the controversial map or be a more beautiful take on the same old map? And more importantly, what does this map’s return mean for the original Cold War maps that debut?

New Maps and a New Laser Weapon

Does this mean that the new maps in Cold War will be more open world and larger like TranZit was back then? That is hard to say, but it is possible since we haven’t had much of an experience like that map since its debut, most likely because of its reception.

Beyond those maps, though, two original maps could be debuting in Black Ops Cold War. One of them is reportedly based in the Vietnam jungle and is known as Firebase Z. Little details are known about it and another new map reportedly set in Berlin.

When it comes to the characters you will play, you can choose two leaked characters: Adler and Baker. Both of them are operators in the main multiplayer component of Black Ops Cold War, so you may be able to carry over operators from multiplayer to Zombies.

And last but not least, the YouTuber covered a single new weapon is rumored to be coming to the game, and that is the Ray Rifle, a new version of the classic Ray Gun. Instead of being the usual pistol that the Ray Gun is, an assault rifle laser gun can mow down the undead horde.

Of course, all of these details in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies leak are rumored for now, but they seem potentially true. We will have to wait and see, though, as Treyarch has yet to reveal when we will get the first details on the long-awaited Zombies return.


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