Masahiro Sakurai is Coming to Tekken Boss Harada’s Bar to Talk Video Games

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 16th 2021

Many people are familiar with the Tekken series of fighting games but many know of Katsuhiro Harada, the director behind a large majority of the Tekken games. When he’s not working on Tekken, he’s running a web series on YouTube called Harada’s bar. These streams have Harada talking about whatever he wants, and occasionally speaking to guests at his bar. Now he’s aiming to make conversation with another titan of the fighting game industry, by having Masahiro Sakurai on his show. 

Harada Teases the Episode

Posted on his YouTube channel yesterday, he announced that he’s going to be on a special episode of Harada’s bar, called “a special talk with Masahiro Sakurai & Katsuhiro Harada” The video shows a skit where Harada goes to the wrong location for the shot and ends up making it to the room after Sakurai. 

However, this isn’t the first time that Harada has teased the episode. He’s mentioned multiple times on the show that he’s wanted to have Sakurai on the web series. However, the topics of conversation aren’t going to be what someone might think. Seeing that Sakurai is still finishing work on Smash Ultimate, coming to Harada’s Bar to talk Smash Bros is going to be out of the question. 

Back in July of this year, Harada posted on Twitter stating “What question would you ask if you had the opportunity to talk to game creator Masahiro Sakurai? (Preferably something other than about Smash Bros.)

This has given the fans the notion that the conversation with Masahiro Sakurai on Harada’s Bar is going to be something outside of the realm of Smash. Although this conversation seems to be a long time coming seeing that the two IPs are now linked together. With Harada and Sakurai both running Tekken and Smash, and the recent addition of Kazuya to the game’s roster, this seems to be the perfect time for the two to talk about things related to their industry, even if the topics aren’t about content coming to Smash. This is most likely due to the fact that Sakurai still is under some sort of NDA about the game, and won’t be able to divulge much information about the game until work is complete. 

Regardless, it’s interesting to see these two titans come together to have a conversation like good friends. It seems that Harada has a lot of respect for Sakurai, and since Tekken has found it’s way into Smash, it seems that Sakurai has a lot of respect for Harada as well.  


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