Mario Golf: Super Rush Website Tells Players Everything They Need to Know

by in General | Jun, 8th 2021

Mario Golf: Super Rush seems like the Mario sports game players have been waiting for this year, being the best of the Mario Golf series, including new characters in golf-styled outfits, as well as many new ways to enjoy the title. Whether players are enjoying the games main story mode, or playing a chill round of golf, or taking it to the course to play speed golf, there seems to be something for everyone in this title, even if players are not fond of playing golf, let alone a video game form of the sport.

What the Website Tells Players

The website contains all sorts of information about the characters and the modes that players will be able to see while playing Mario Golf: Super Rush.


Super Rush is filled to the brim with recognizable Mario characters, all with their own super shots and special moves in Speed Golf. Another thing of note in this game is that the title does not consist of alternate versions of preexisting characters. In contrast, Mario Kart has slots for characters like Tanooki Mario, Pink Gold Peach, and several baby versions of the Mario cast; Super Rush saves those slots for characters like Pauline, Chargin’ Chuck, and King Bob-omb. Here are all the most interesting characters available and their specials:

  • Mario: The face of the series and the perfect pick for anyone new to the game. Mario has the Super Star Strike special shot, letting him use the signature superstar to launch the ball and knock opponents back. In Speed Golf and Battle Arena, Mario jumps and slides, knocking opponents off-balance, giving him the edge in the race to the ball.
  • Luigi: Sometimes playing second fiddle to his brother in other titles, Luigi manages to pack a serious punch here. Luigi’s special shot utilizes the ice flower to freeze the ground around wherever it lands. For his dash, he skates along with the ice flower slipping players up if they’re following behind him.
  • Wario: The devious doppelganger of Mario, Wario lets his club be struck by lightning, causing interference above anyone who happens to be around where his ball lands. Wario’s dash causes his golf club bag to become a jetpack, making anyone who is in the way get knocked back.
  • Waluigi: Waluigi is the menacing mirror image of Luigi, using his dancing skills to perfect his super shot, knocking opponents’ balls out of the way; when he dashes, he dances his way into opponents, knocking them over.
  • Yoshi: The dynamite dinosaur companion, Yoshi uses his powers to turn all the opponents’ balls into eggs with his supershot if they’re in the area of effect. His dash sees him riding upon a giant egg, rolling over anyone who’s in the way.
Mario Golf: Super Rush Roster Revealed In New Trailer
The 11 listed here are also joined by Toad, Rosaline, Boo, Daisy, and Peach
  • Donkey Kong: This charismatic monkey uses his brute strength to hurl his ball into a massive explosion when landing with his super shot, and his dash sees him using his roll from the DK Country titles to gain the upper hand.
  • Bowser: The big bad himself sets his club on fire to deliver a fiery explosion with his super shot when it lands. And his Special Dash sees bowser setting his shoes on fire and sliding his way across the course, leaving burn marks wherever he goes.
  • Bowser Jr.: Making his step into the course with his dad, bowser Junior uses his clown car to hurl the ball onto the green, leaving a smokescreen that hides not only the hole but the enemy’s balls as well. When he dashes, he rides a bullet bill, crashing into anyone who decides to get in the way.
  • Pauline: Making her debut, the mayor of New Donk City, Pauline finds herself using her Microphone stand as a club, sending the ball flying, breaking the sound barrier, and knocking around any balls in the way. When she dashes, she picks up speed, finishing off her dash with a blast of flair reminiscent of the New Donk City festival.
  • Chargin’ Chuck: Coming back from Super Mario World, Chargin’ Chuck makes his playable debut as a character, hurling the ball like a football for his special shot, blasting balls out of its path. His dash sees him, well, charge and bash into opponents who stand in his path.
  • King Bob-omb: Making a playable debut from Super Mario 64, the king of the Bob-ombs doesn’t waste his status asking when it comes to golf, using a cannon to send his troops into the ball’s landing zone, as well as having them carry him throughout the course when he dashes.

Game Modes

There’s plenty of game modes for players to pick and choose from. As the website describes it, there’s “A Game Mode for Every Mood!”. Players will find that this entry of the Mario Golf series is one of the most content-rich entries ever made. Here’s what the game has to offer:

  • Standard Golf: It’s the game players know and their dad’s love. Standard Golf has players either take turns individually or all at once, with players aiming for the lowest score in the original game with a slight Mario Twist!
  • Speed Golf: Players will not be aiming for the lowest score in this mode, as all players will tee off at once and then race to their ball to sink it in the hole first. Using both special shots and dashes, players can trip up their friends or help themselves as they rush to the end. The game mode can be either played for the highest score or fastest time. May the best Golfer win!
  • Golf Adventure: Making its return from the handheld versions of the game, Super Rush Gets an RPG story mode featuring the player! Using their Mii characters, players can embark to a country club in the Mario Universe, face off with powerful bosses, and level up their character from golf rookie to golf pro! Players who level their Mii up will also unlock them as a character in the game and use the stats they unlocked in story mode to their advantage!
  • Solo Challenge: Players can play golf by themselves, unlocking six courses and competing in both score attack, which follows the classic rules of golf. Or they can aim for a time attack, which asks players to play their fastest and complete the holes in the shortest amount of time.
  • Battle Golf: The rules of speed golf apply in this mode, but the most important part changes: the course! Players enter the battle arena, and multiple holes around the arena are open! However, players will have to doge chain chomps, thwomp, and more Mario enemies as they fight their way to a hole. Once a player sinks their ball, it is closed off for the rest of the group, and players will have to go about finding a new one. The first one to sink three holes wins the game!

Mario Golf: It seems to be gearing up to be one of the most entertaining games in the series, showing that the main Mario Sports developer Camelot still has what it takes to deliver such an entertaining experience for all players.


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