Marcel ‘MontanaBlack88’ Eris Banned on Twitch for Sexist Comments

by in Entertainment | Sep, 25th 2020

Sexism isn’t the way, friends. The notion that women are lesser than men is not the kind of philosophy we need to bring with us as 2020 is coming to a close. German streamer Marcel ‘MontanaBlack88’ has hopefully learned this lesson, as he’s now banned on Twitch for 33 days. It’s for a series of sexist acts in his IRL stream broadcasts. MontanaBlack88 is a very popular figure online so it’s a disappointing thing to see.

More streamers and esports professionals are being called out for their sexist behavior, and we’re glad to see it. It’s far beyond time that this sort of thing is taken seriously.

We All Need To Do Better

Back in November 2019, MontanaBlack88 was the most subscribed-to channel on Twitch, so seeing him banned could send a powerful message. He’s used his troubled upbringing to try and inspire millions of people on Twitch, but he’s certainly far from perfect. So what has Marcel done to warrant a ban? Clips have come up from the streamer’s IRL broadcasts, where he’s filming/photographing women without their consent.

He makes suggestive, sexual comments about the women, and occasionally makes awful animal noises to degrade them, while walking down the street. Interestingly enough though, MontanaBlack88 has not shot back about being banned for the next 33 days on Twitch.

He had this to say on Twitter:


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