Manny Pacquiao Enters Esports With His Own Team

by in General | Dec, 3rd 2021

Filipino boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao has officially turned his eyes to esports. He’s far from the first sports legend that has shifted to the world of esports, it’s certainly an interesting one. It’s clearly an exciting venture for him, and on December 4th, 2021, Manny Pacquiao will reveal more of his team, Team Pacquiao GG.  Manny Pacquiao stated that at 2 PM PST, on December 4th, the reveal will kick off.

Who Will Join Manny’s Team Pacquiao GG?

Manny Pacquiao’s esports endeavor aims to be the “pound for pound, esports heavyweights of Southeast Asia,” according to a press release. An important question though is, what games will they compete in? One of the biggest games in his native Philippines is DOTA 2. It remains to be seen what games he could compete in because there are so many hot games right now. CoD, Halo Infinite, CSGO, DOTA 2, there’s really no telling. We could see him representing the players and games of his home country though. Though we do have a hint, knowing that Super Kimbie will be playing Mobile Legends with Ghost Wrecker – that could just be content creation though.

The Veloce Group is the joint operation that Team Pacquiao GG is a part of. It’s made up of Veloce Esports, Veloce Racing (Extreme E team), as well as esports businesses Quadrant and Team Pacquiao GG. Quadrant may be familiar to some, as Lando Norris’ esports/content team. These are some serious powerhouses coming together to make Team Pacquiao happen. While we have no idea what esports and games will be played, we know something important: the content team.

Team Pacquiao GG says they are going to take a content-first approach to build its audience, and for that, you need some serious names. Manny Pacquiao has recruited some of the biggest names in the Philippines for his esports org.

They picked 5 leading Filipino creators, and each has its own role on the team. Gloco is a huge Youtube content creator and lifestyle streamer, as well as the Philippines ’ most popular fisherman. They also recruited Een Mercado, who is the first female esports pro in the Philippines. She’s an incredible Valorant player and streamer, and she will be a pro team ambassador and lead the squad’s female empowerment initiatives. She also briefly teased this on Twitter.


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