Mako Leaves 100 Thieves and The Mob, Focusing on Mental Health

by in Entertainment | Dec, 15th 2020

Content creation for a major organization is a daunting task. It takes a serious toll on even the most hardened personalities, with a constant bombardment of feedback and commentary on everything you do. We learned this morning that 100 Thieves content creator and member of The Mob, Mako is leaving it all behind. He announced this last night, leaving content creation and social media to work on his mental health. We here at Esports Talk want to wish Mako nothing but the best as he takes time away from social media, and hope he can come back to The Mob in the future.

Social Media is a Plague

Mako, a founding member of The Mob alongside Classify, Avalanche and Froste came together as a part of SoaR Gaming in 2018. This lasted a year, and in 2019, joined the massive 100 Thieves org. As content creators, they’re a staple of the Call of Duty community, practically a household name. But that comes with a cost. Mako’s leaving behind 100 Thieves and The Mob, as well as social media in general. He points out in his one-and-only Twitlonger that he’s no longer happy, and hasn’t been for a very long time. 

He didn’t feel like he belongs in front of a camera, and doesn’t enjoy the content creator lifestyle. It’s definitely not for everyone. Being a major content creator is stressful and can fill anyone with anxiety. You constantly have people critiquing everything you do. He has nothing but positives to say about the community and the people he worked with but decided this had to be done. 

Mako doesn’t go into the reasons he’s unhappy with the lifestyle, but he does point this out:

“This is the lowest ive been in my life, I have a plethora of reasons as to why I want to go home but truly all I want is genuine happiness and I will not find that staying here. However, this was a fantastic life experience to learn more about myself and I am forever grateful to have been apart of this.”

If this is what he needs, it’s 100% understood, and we wish him well. We hope the other community members of 100 Thieves and The Mob respect Mako’s wishes and let him go help himself. That’s so important. One of the things Mako points out is that he constantly checked his social media timelines everyday and it was a very unhealthy experience.

When he returns to New York, he’s going to be seeking a therapist and stepping away from social media. We’re all sad to see him go, but want Mako to be happy and healthy, more than anything. If one day, he decides he wants to make a brilliant comeback and show off his skills again, we’d be on board with that. 

A Heartfelt Goodbye

The Mob posted a heartfelt message to the community at large about Mako’s decision to leave them and 100 Thieves:


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