Windigo Roster Swap, Coldzera Drama Continues – CS:GO Daily Recap 7/11/2019

By Isaac Chandler

July 11, 2019


windigo roster

Welcome back to another exciting day of CS:GO news! Today we’ll be taking a look at Fer’s latest stream comments on Coldzera, Windigo’s major roster changes, and ex-3DMax’s pickup by a new org. As always we’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dive on in.!

Coldzera with the Fer

Starting off the day, we have more information on Coldzera’s situation with MIBR from his soon to be former teammate Fer!

During his stream on Tuesday night, Fer was asked by his chat about whether Coldzera would possibly stay on the roster depending on how they did at Blast Pro: Los Angeles. He confirmed that, regardless of the results, Coldzera would indeed still be leaving the team before the Berlin Major.!

He also stated, counter to other reports on the matter, that Zews would indeed be able to play at the Major, which, as was reported yesterday, doesn’t actually seem to be the case. Either there’s going to be a change in the ruling by the Major TO’s, or they’re going to have to convince Cold to stay for the event. They were caught scrimming with Zews in the FPL last night, so maybe they’ve found a way to make him eligible?!

At the end of the day, though, this roster’s morale is trashed, and I don’t expect to see them make a big splash in Berlin.!

He also confirmed that the next player to join after Cold leaves will indeed be a Brazilian, adding more fuel to the rumor fire started Tuesday on Reddit that Hen1 will be joining the squad.!

Windigo Roster Elation

Speaking of roster swaps, we got some big news out of Ukraine today as team Windigo announced some changes to their lineup following their failure to qualify for the European Minor.!

The team will be picking up Calyx and HAdji, formerly of Space Station and 3DMax respectively, who will be replacing Blocker and V1c7oR on the starting lineup. The move comes as a major surprise considering the rest of the roster is a mostly Slavic-dialect-speaking team, while both of these players are French and Turkish, meaning there could be some strong communication issues for the team to overcome if they want to be successful.!

Can the Windigo roster survive the swap? Only time will tell.!

Heretic’s Return and Magic Johnson

While HAdji leaving the ex-3DMax lineup is a rather sad affair considering how well the team was doing before their org ran out of money, there is some bright news for the team.!

The roster was signed yesterday by Spanish organization Team Heretics, along with their former manager GoY. In addition, the roster was also announced to be picking up rookie JayN to fill the spot HAdji left. There’s very little information on the guy right now, as he doesn’t even have a Liquidpedia page, but hopefully, this works out well for the squad and they continue their strong run of form.!

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading and we’ll see you tomorrow for more exciting CS:GO action!


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