Major Valorant Ranked Reset is Coming With Episode 3

by in Valorant | Jun, 15th 2021

Valorant’s current ranked system isn’t fondly looked upon, and it sounds like a major reset is coming. One of the best Valorant players around, Hiko has called it “trash”, stating every match felt like a coin flip on whether your team is good or bad. That’s not the ringing endorsement Riot Games is after, I’m sure. With Episode 3 coming soon, it sounds like a serious change is on the way. There aren’t any critical details revealed yet, but thanks to Riot’s EvrMoar (Senior Competitive Designer), there are changes confirmed coming to ranked.

June 21st, Details May Be Revealed

It sounds like, during a June 21st livestream, the further details of these major changes are going to be on the way. You can relax though because it’s not going to be a Hard Reset. Evrmoar apparently has discussed this in the past. Here’s what he had to say on Twitter:


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