Major Overwatch Update Planned For 2021

by in Overwatch | Apr, 30th 2021

We still have to wait a long time for Overwatch 2, but at least Overwatch is getting a major update or two in 2021. Aaron Keller has some major shoes to fill after Jeff Kaplan stepped down and left Blizzard. Many Overwatch players have been disappointed about how the game has been treated of late. No more heroes until Overwatch 2, and now we have no idea when the sequel is coming. Take heart though, Aaron Keller has confirmed there is at least one major update coming in 2021. 

“Coming Soon” – Aaron Keller:

We don’t have a time frame for any of this. We just know that there is a major update coming to Overwatch in 2021, and we’re very excited about it. The downside is that we have no idea what they could possibly be. They sound incredibly massive though. Keller pointed at the scope though, by saying:

There are really big features and systems coming soon. As big as anything we’ve built for this game, and the amount of resources that we’ve poured into these has been massive across almost every aspect of our team to do it.

That says a lot to us. If it’s as big as anything else they’ve done, this could really be anything coming to the game. The biggest thing that has come to Overwatch other than major balance changes, is Role Queue. There’s talk that it could be something that was accidentally revealed during Blizzcon, the “Clan System”. The brief “Clan C9” on the top near the player name was likely not supposed to be there. 

We say “accidentally leaked” because it wasn’t announced, but the revealed images on the internet do seem to lead that way. There’s no date though:

Those will be coming out soon. I don’t have a date that I can announce right now. Hopefully, it’s something that we’ll be able to start talking about sometime in the near future, but I am very excited for them and I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.

Since the Overwatch Anniversary is coming up next, this would be a perfect time to start talking new announcements and a major update for Overwatch. Typically, Overwatch announcements don’t come until things are close by (unless you count Overwatch 2), so we can infer that it’s on the way very soon. Keller seems to be taking well to his new role, and as long as people don’t expect him to be Jeff Kaplan Jr., everything will be just fine. 


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