Major LCS Format Changes Rumored for 2021, According to TSM Spica

by in League of Legends | Dec, 7th 2020

The League of Legends LCS (League Champion Series) hasn’t really changed a lot since 2015. The Spring and Summer split always have double round-robin, and the teams play each other twice. From there, the top six move on to the playoffs. Same ol’, same ol’, year in and year out. But according to a leak from TSM Spica, there’s an LCS format change coming in the 2021 season! We’ve talked in the past about the Spring Split reportedly being gotten rid of altogether. 

But what did TSM Spica talk about? 

45 Games Next Split

TSM Spica pointed out that the rumored changes to the LCS format that saw a leak for 2021 were indeed true. Spica also said that in all 45 games that will be a part of the LCS next year, they’ll be on Jarvan for all 45 games. Now that is exciting for us to see. 

Parth, TSM’s ex-coach also seems to agree that this is what’s coming. Parth said in Spica’s Twitch chat, “spring = 18 games, summer = 27 games.”

Spica laughed and pointed out that they can’t leak, that there could be some consequences for doing so. But with two major names agreeing that a leak on the  45-game single split for the LCS format in 2021 mean positive things. 

This all came from the amazing season Cloud9 had, but still somehow managed to not make Worlds for 2020. Truthfully, this sounds like an amazing change for the LCS in 2021. Having a singular long season that judges the teams on their merits for the season is what it should be. Basing most of the results on a few matches mid-season will likely produce far better results for many teams. Would this lead us to the NA dream? Could NA teams actually make it under this new system? Not if they don’t actually try, they won’t!

There are, of course, other rumors. A mid-season playoff for MSI is rumored, and a reduced academy season. These and the pre-season tournament are still just conjecture, but could still be interesting if true. The merging of the Spring/Summer split sounds like a brilliant plan. We hope this format leak for LCS’ 2021 season is accurate though. Since we’ve spoken about it more than once, and some major names have spoken up about it, these leaks could very well be true. 


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