Major Karakin Changes and More Arrive in PUBG Update 6.2

by in PUBG | Feb, 13th 2020

Season 6 of PUBG is not slowing down anytime soon as the next major update for the sixth season of the popular battle royale game has arrived. Well, it has arrived for a certain group of players, for now. The large update brings a brand-new game mode and major Karakin changes.

PUBG Update 6.2 Arrives on PC Test Servers, Live Servers Soon

PUBG update 6.2 is the latest update for the game now live on the PC test servers only. Unfortunately, like most other updates for the game, the players on the test servers get the patch love first while tested before arriving on the other platforms and servers.

Thankfully, though, players don’t have to wait too long for update 6.2 to drop on their respective platforms. The update is live on test servers now and goes on live servers for PC on February 19.

No specific date was given for when the update will drop for PS4 and Xbox One. However, we expect it will happen shortly after the release on the live PC servers. For now, players can check out the test servers, free with the PC version of the game.

Arcade Mode and Team Deathmatch Is Here in PUBG Update 6.2

The release of the Arcade section is the biggest and most important addition in PUBG update 6.2. Up until now, the main game on PS4, Xbox One and PC has been purely about the battle royale experience. This is contrary to the mobile iteration of the game that has other modes, too.

In the Arcade section of the game, PC players can engage in non-battle royale gameplay. Currently, the only mode available in the section is the classic Team Deathmatch.

The fights here are eight players versus eight on seven different possible maps pulled from the fan-favorite main battle royale maps. Expect the classic feel and gameplay of the main mode but with the twist of action all the time with respawns included.

In each match of Team Deathmatch, players fight until the team with the most kills after 10 minutes or the first team to reach 50 kills. A team must win the best two out of three rounds to secure the total match victory.

General Gameplay Changes

The addition of Team Deathmatch in PUBG update 6.2 on the test servers also comes major gameplay changes. For starters, significant changes include how the grenades and some explosives will work now.

It all begins with the frag grenades essentially nerfed in a way. Vests now reduce the damage that a player takes from frag grenades. This reduction is dependent on the level of the vest that the player wears, having the same percentage reduction as bullet damage.

Also, the vest durability doesn’t reduce when you take damage from the frag grenades. The frag grenades deal 20% less damage to those players prone. The weight of grenades increased by 50% as well.

Each frag grenade you pick up now takes up 27 inventory space instead of 18 like before. Lastly, pulling the pin of the grenade is louder and heard from further away—a major nerf for the popular explosive weapon.

Smoke grenades received a minor change. The fuse time decreased from three seconds to only one second. Meanwhile, the stun grenades have undergone some significant changes. The indirect hit effect radius increased from 5.5 meters to 6.5 meters.

The ringing sound that comes from the stun grenades now impacts players through walls like with the frag grenade, though on a smaller level. A slight camera shake happens if located near the explosion of this grenade as well.

Stun grenades now explode 0.7 seconds after the first impact or after the fuse timer runs out; whichever comes first. Also, the fuse time without cooking the grenade increased to five seconds while the 2.5-second fuse timer when cooking remains the same.

For the Molotov Cocktail, fire now spreads faster at a rate of 50% quicker than before. The fire can spread slightly further than before with an increased damage radius. There are some general changes to how the fire spreads as well, especially when it comes to objects like trees.

There is a return of the direct damage to players standing in the fire with them taking an additional 10 damage per second. The fire from the Molotov Cocktail can also reach higher than ever before and shouldn’t become obstructed as much by small objects in its path.

Beyond changes to explosives, expect changes to the peeking and leaning system when looking around walls. This has been a point of contention in the community with leaning to the right oddly having an advantage over leaning to the left.

Unfortunately, this advantage can’t normally be addressed. This update exposes more of the player when leaning to the right to balance things somewhat out. It includes having the character’s head more exposed and other adjustments.

Major Karakin Changes Implemented After Feedback

The leaning system isn’t the only thing that players have had a direct impact on. The new battle royale map Karakin has some adjustments in PUBG update 6.2, many of which are from feedback. For starters, meds should be easier to find on the map.

The loot pool updated to have increased meds while reducing the number of bandages, sniper rifles, DMRs, and the Win94. Snipers and DMRs are just too powerful on the map. Also, the highly requested G36C and MP5K from Vikendi now appear on Karakin.

The care package plane should move faster across the island, making for quicker drops overall. The special blue zone adjusted as well in terms of effects. The distortion effect got removed while the bottom of the zone is more clear blue so players can easily see where it is.

The top wall of the blue zone changed. The visual shaders updated and effects will be more intense overall as the game progresses. Expect some changes to the sounds when entering and exiting the blue zone. Players within 10 to 15 meters from the blue zone will hear a low humming sound to know it is close.

In more general changes, the blood color saturation increased so that players can better see blood effects from farther away. Some distance scaling to the blood effects can help with this.

Also, players can use the new follow feature while in the parachute. While waiting during the pre-match countdown, you can access the follow menu and choose a teammate to follow or while still in the plane. You can land together but watch out for obstructions on the way down.

PUBG Labs Skill-Based Second Test Announced

PUBG Labs is the experimental section where players can check out new or changed game modes while tested out and give feedback on them. The first test happened recently. A second one comes later this season.

The skill-based rating system gives a rating on how good or bad you do, but with some major changes. For one, players need to complete five placement matches to earn their new rank in the second test.

Platinum 4, the highest initial rank possible, requires 2600 points. The overall algorithm that determines everything has been tuned based on data and feedback from the first test. The assists in a match influence your rating with the same number of points given as kills.

Players who engage in a friendly fire have those kills subtracted from their kill count as negative kills. The maximum points you can get from a match now changes with the tier in with lower tiers having a much larger cap on points.

Players who reach the Master tier have higher expectations when it comes to performance, increasing every 100 points above 3500 with 5000 as the highest total points a player can have. The test duration on the live server begins on February 18 at 4:30 pm PT and lasts until March 4.

UI and Survivor Pass Changes

When it comes to the user interface for the game, quite a few changes get addressed in PUBG update 6.2. Some visual improvements on the friends list include a new icon for online/offline, improved search UI, and changes to the leave team button.

Online users are at the top, while offline users are listed separately on the foldable list. The host player on your team displays with a star on the top left of their player ID. Also, you can use the invite button on the career page.

The general performance of the game has been improved with some additional optimizations to the World Origin Shift. For custom matches, Erangel classic got removed for some odd reason. The default pattern of the team logo got modified.

In the in-game store, a few new items appear along with some improvements. Players can purchase the cheerleader and Badlands leisure sets during the store period of February 19 through March 19. Also, an improved backpack design applied to all parachute skins.

When it comes to the current season’s survivor pass, the second track of missions get unlocked in this update along with six exclusive Karakin missions. The new missions include surviving for more than three minutes in Karakin, destroying two destructible walls with the sticky bomb, surviving two times in the black zone, and more.

When it comes to the weapon mastery system, the early levels now require less experience to earn. Players can see themselves at higher levels now after this adjustment. Due to a strange technical issue, the ID feature got temporarily disabled with no word on when it will return.

PUBG Update 6.2 Bug Fixes

As always with major updates, the final things to go over are replays and bugs. Due to this new update, replays from previous updates will no longer be playable, so we hope that you saved them up in time.

On the other hand, a few bug fixes got addressed in this update. You can find all of them listed below:


  • Resolved an issue allowing players breath gauge to instantly recover in certain situations when coming out of the water
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from being moved to their correct spawn location when vaulting at match start in War Mode using ground respawn
  • Resolved an issue with player death boxes blocking grenade damage
  • Fixed a problem with care packages not blocking grenade damage
  • Resolved an issue with the headshot blood effects blocking vision in


  • Fixed the bug that prevented healing/boost item animations from playing when spamming the use hotkey


  • Resolved the issue of some object edges becoming transparent when close to the blue zone
  • Various minor map bug fixes on both Erangel and Karakin

Skins & Items

  • Fixed the issue of when a female character wearing Rapture Squad Gloves with tattoo sleeve, the wrist looks transparent
  • Fixed a visual issue with the character model’s arm when wearing the Tenebres Combat Vest


  • Fixed an issue in replays which could prevent certain players from being displayed on the minimap
  • Fixed a problem in replays that would display incorrect grid sizes on some maps


  • Reduced the volume of sticky bomb sound effects as they were louder than intended


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