MTG Arena News in 2020 | Card Spoilers, Drafts, Updates, More

As one of the longest-running, most successful card games of all time, it’s amazing to see MTG Arena present a modern approach to classic Magic: The Gathering gameplay. With an easily accessible free-to-play ecosystem, exciting combat, and frequent updates there’s always something to talk about when it comes to MTG Arena news. Join us here to stay up to date on all the latest.

MTG Arena News and Updates

Jason Parker | October 21, 2020
Please note: This is all speculative. The person who dropped these on Reddit is not […]
Jason Parker | October 14, 2020
Oh goodness, what a month it’s been for MTG Arena, and we’re only halfway through. […]
Jason Parker | October 12, 2020
Fifteen years ago or so, a four-color card would be difficult to play. Back then, […]
Jason Parker | September 28, 2020
We’ve been saying (in particular Jason has been screaming) about how powerful Uro, Titan of […]
Jason Parker | September 18, 2020
280 cards arrived this week into MTG Arena, and with it, several sets also disappeared […]
Jason Parker | September 1, 2020
K-Swiss are renowned for their comfortable tennis shoes, and now they’ve officially teamed up with […]
Jason Parker | September 1, 2020
With Zendikar Rising in MTG Arena will, of course, come new cards and new mechanics! […]
Jason Parker | August 25, 2020
This is the second ban/restriction announcement this month. There are quite a few people that […]
Jason Parker | August 10, 2020
Over the weekend, a potential spoiler has been leaked for MTG Arena’s upcoming Amonkhet Remastered […]
Jason Parker | August 6, 2020
The MTG Arena State of the Game address for August 2020 has released, and it’s […]
Jason Parker | August 4, 2020
Full Disclosure: This was meant to go out yesterday, but I had no desk to […]
Jason Parker | July 27, 2020
Mark Rosewater of Wizards of the Coast made a huge announcement this weekend for MTG […]
Jason Parker | July 17, 2020
Magic: The Gathering’s Jumpstart series adds more cards than ever to the game in both […]
Jason Parker | July 13, 2020
It would seem that we were correct in several of our guesses as to what […]
Jason Parker | July 8, 2020
Wizards of the Coast have teased a huge announcement for MTG in July 2020. On […]