MTG Arena News in 2021 | Card Spoilers, Drafts, Updates, More

As one of the longest-running, most successful card games of all time, it’s amazing to see MTG Arena present a modern approach to classic Magic: The Gathering gameplay. With an easily accessible free-to-play ecosystem, exciting combat, and frequent updates there’s always something to talk about when it comes to MTG Arena news. Join us here to stay up to date on all the latest.

MTG Arena News and Updates

Jason Parker | June 28, 2021
Back in April, we talked about MrBeast giving away a 25,000 dollar prize to two […]
Jason Parker | June 24, 2021
Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is adding a fun new dungeon mechanic […]
Jason Parker | May 21, 2021
Magic Legends has a new class available in the fire-wielding Pyromancer, and you can unlock it […]
Cole Travis | May 14, 2021
Wizards of the coast made waves yesterday as they announced some serious changes to the […]
Jason Parker | May 7, 2021
The “Summer of Legend” is filled with tons of Wizards of the Coast announcements, like […]
Jason Parker | May 6, 2021
MTG Arena occasionally adds some codes to the game for free stuff, and we’re here […]
Jason Parker | April 28, 2021
There’s talk of MTG getting into NFT tokens, courtesy of Hasbro’s CEO Brian Goldner. Hasbro, the […]
Jason Parker | April 23, 2021
MTG Arena’s Historic decks are likely going to be shaken up thanks to Strixhaven’s expansion. […]
Jason Parker | April 19, 2021
That’s right, MrBeast is going to be working with MTG Arena this week! Friday Night Magic has […]
Jason Parker | March 29, 2021
Jason Helix created the art for MTG Arena’s upcoming card, Crux of Fate in Strixhaven. […]
Jason Parker | March 24, 2021
Magic Legends is officially in Open Beta status, so it’s time for me to dive […]
Jason Parker | February 16, 2021
The next major expansion for MTG Arena is going to be Strixhaven, which is a […]
Jason Parker | January 29, 2021
This is something we’ve been waiting for for months now! MTG Arena’s early access for mobile has […]
Jason Parker | December 9, 2020
The holidays are approaching us card game fanatics, and that means only one thing! We’re […]
Jason Parker | October 21, 2020
Please note: This is all speculative. The person who dropped these on Reddit is not […]