Magic: The Gathering Announces Creator Program and Greenlight Fund

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Jan, 24th 2020

I remember the days when Magic Online had their Streamer Showdowns, and then the MTG Arena closed beta. So much has changed since those early days. Now there are over 800 participants in the early access events (such as this very website)! Next, the MTGA Creator Program was revealed as of yesterday.

Wizards of the Coast have been working to improve their marketing support, to lay the foundations for bigger and better support of their game. The Featured Creator program isn’t going anywhere, either. This is just a way to highlight new and growing streamers of MTGA, with the new Creator Program.

Partnered with StreamElements Too!

StreamElements is one of the leading platforms for video content support, and their tools are coming to MTGA for the Creator Program. This is a first-of-its-kind platform, to give streamers Challenges to help create engaging content with and for their communities. It will also reward them, and who doesn’t love a reward?

This is a permanent program, too. Once you’re locked in, you don’t have to stress about when events begin, re-applying, any of that stuff. Week to week, month to month, new Challenges will be available and will rotate regularly.

MTGA Creator Program Tiers

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

The “Challenges” in the MTGA Creator Program could rightly be anything. It could be destroying a specific creature in a specific way, streaming for “X” number of hours, or streaming yourself getting wins with a deck built a certain way. It might have you participating in events as well. However, they listed “streaming for 12 hours”, which is incredibly unhealthy. A major company pushing this sort of thing is only going to make more people do it. You can if you want, but it’s going definitely not healthy.

One thing I noticed that there are two types of Challenges, based on how they log completion. There are Automated Challenges, first off. Anything that StreamElements can track via the Twitch API will be tracked this way. This includes Streaming Time, Raids, and Total Viewership. All other challenges are “Manual Challenges.” You’ll have to submit a clip of completing these tasks. The reward will be available after it’s verified.

The idea is that they are to be fun and rewarding, while also engaging your community, which is nice. For now, the rewards are simple, with Gem Codes for you and ICR codes for your community. They will have some better stuff in the future, though, according to the release.

From what I saw in the press release, I can’t help but think it’s aimed more at bigger streamers, rather than New and Established alike. One of the challenges shown was “Raid a streamer three times who has a maximum of 30 viewers, with at least 50 viewers.” For quite a few MTGA streamers, this Creator Program challenge is no big deal.

If these challenges are viable for a variety of streamers, I think it will be okay. If you want to be a part of this program, all you must do is apply on StreamElements. The program enters closed beta soon, but they hope to open it to everyone “in the not-too-distant future.”

The Greenlight Fund

While the MTGA Creator Program is awesome, here’s where the real news comes out. Wizards of the Coast also announced The Greenlight Fund. This is an opportunity for the highest-quality content producers and networkers to bring brand-new shows to life.

Wizards set aside $1 million to seed new Magic series in 2020. It could be to showcase tabletop or digital Magic, or perhaps even both. The Greenlight Fund is here to make these a reality. Over the years, Wizards of the Coast has supported a variety of MTG series (Game Knights, Friday Nights, What the Deck).

The Greenlight Fund is here to invest in the next big community content waves. If you have MTG content that is going to bring the community to new heights, this could be your chance. Not just anyone will be picked up, though. Applicants must submit a detailed pitch through a Challenge that will go live, within the Magic Creator Program soon.

That means you must be in the MTGA Creator Program to pitch your Greenlight Fund ideas. The pitch must be detailed and should have goals, business plans, promotion plans, and a budget breakdown. This is for the most detail-oriented MTG fan/content creator. Decisions won’t be made during the closed beta either, so you don’t have to rush. There’s plenty of time to create these shows.

They are considering everything from $5,000 ideas up to massive $250,000 efforts, so if you have a dream and an idea, maybe this is your chance to get it on the big stage and have the world seeing your vision.

Now, this is amazing. I may not have an idea now, but maybe I will! There are so many possibilities, and it could even be a way to fund potential esports/digital competitions. Perhaps someone will have an idea for a way to teach newcomers, like an MTGA College series. Now that would be fun. Hmm. I guess it’s time to think about a pitch!


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