Wizards of the Coast Denies Magic: The Gathering Homophobic Lore Rumors

By Cody Perez

May 16, 2019


magic the gathering homophobic

Magic: The Gathering creator, Wizards of the Coast, has officially denied any and all Magic: The Gathering homophobic lore rumors. Several designers, writers, and even the official MTG account on Twitter posted the truth regarding recent rumors that there is homophobia in the canon lore.

It all began a Twitter user posted a snippet from an unofficial wiki dedicated to the card game. In the segment from the wiki regarding the Ravnica Allegiance expansion, which is the previous expansion from before the most recent one War of the Sparks.

The excerpt from the wiki was talking about Ral and Tomik Vrona’s secret homosexual relationship. In one part, it claims that “due to Ravnican prejudices against same-sex relations”, they have to keep their relationship hidden from the public eye.

This quickly spread across Twitter and the internet as confirmation that some sort of homophobia does canonically exist within the multiverse. This prompted a couple of Wizards of the Coast employees as well as the official MTG Twitter account to make an official statement denying these rumors.

Alison Luhrs, a senior narrative designer for Wizards of the Coast digital publishing, quickly followed up and responded to the initial tweet, stating that what the unofficial wiki said is “absolutely not canon.” Luhrs didn’t stop there, making a much longer statement in a reply later on.

“Ral and Tomik are high ranking members of opposite guilds. Nowhere in the canon is there same-sex prejudice on Ravnica because [if] there was… I’d be furious. Love, A bi Sr Narrative Designer at WotC who worked on Ravnica worldbuilding not too long ago,” she tweeted in response.

It is worth noting that Alison Luhrs is not just a senior narrative designer, but someone who was instrumental in creating the lore behind the recent Ravnica Allegiance expansion. As such, it stands to reason that she definitely knows what she’s talking about.

Luhrs wasn’t the only one to respond to these Magic: The Gathering homophobic lore rumors from an unofficial wiki. After her, the principal designer for Wizards of the Coast Doug Beyer responded as well, noting that these rumors were completely untrue.

“Hey, so earlier today there was an unofficial wiki page with some erroneous info insinuating that Ravnican society was homophobic. It’s not. Props to folks tagging us in so we could address it,” Beyer tweeted

He didn’t stop there, elaborating more on the canon lore behind the multiverse. “As a principal designer for Magic worldbuilding, let me be clear,” Beyers continued. “Same-sex couples are an accepted thing on all Magic worlds. There are a lot of challenges heroes face in the multiverse, but homophobia isn’t one of them. Thanks.”

That still wasn’t all, though, as the official Magic: The Gathering Twitter account also addressed these rumors from the unofficial wiki. “One of our narrative designers Alison responded already, but this fan-created wiki does not represent official world-building and storytelling,” it tweeted.

Suffice to say that there are no Magic: The Gathering homophobic elements whatsoever in the canon lore. The unofficial wiki simply misunderstood why Ral and Tomik hid their relationship since they are from rival guilds, leading to this confusion.

What makes this more interesting is that it confirms what was already said in terms of Earth not being part of the multiverse lore. This could make more sense considering there is homophobia that still exists on our planet, leading to it not being a plane within the Magic lore. Let this be a reminder to not trust everything you read online unless it comes directly from an official source.

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