Madness Project Nexus Launches on Steam

by in General | Sep, 30th 2021

When it comes to the early years of the internet, nothing screams teenager like the website Newgrounds, filled with animations and art, with games like Among Us having their developers start on the site. However, when it comes to animations, nothing screams awesome like the Madness series. 

What started as a normal animation series made by a single Newgrounds user has turned into a massive series filled with characters and lore. The concept was simple. Somewhere in Nevada, a man named Hank J. Wimbleton found himself getting into a fight in the park. Now, the Madness series is filled with killer clowns, even organizations, reality-warping devices, and all manner of cartoon violence and bloodshed.

Made by Matt “Krinkels” Jolly, The series spans a handful of episodes, with more still being completed. However, the community for the game has become so massive that Madness Day is a celebration on Newgrounds, where music, animations, and more are shared celebrating the series. A proper game has been made called Madness Project Nexus, and it’s available on Steam now. However, it’s not the first game. 

Madness Project Nexus

Madness Project Nexus was originally a 2D shooter that told its own story inside the Madness universe, with the player taking control of Hank. However, there was going to be a sequel, and that time has now come, as Madness Project Nexus 2, rebranded to Madness Project Nexus, is out now. 

Originally kickstarted in 2014, Madness Project Nexus 2 was the next Madness game after the flash game on Newgrounds, which can still be played now. However, the game was still being worked on, slowly changing from the original images into a whole new game that still fits the bill from the original animations. The game has now transitioned into 3D, and from the original Kickstarter for the game, it only took 1,274 people to fund it. 

However, this game isn’t made for players new to Madness. It’s for the fans who’ve stuck with the series since its inception. Players will be coming across characters from both the animations and the original Project Nexus in their endeavors through this new title. For those who want to pick it up, all they have to do to catch up is to watch all 14 episodes of Madness and play Project Nexus Classic.

What’s Included

Much like its predecessor, Madness Project Nexus is a third-person shooter with the camera in a diagonal isometric angle to mimic the cartoons. While it looks like a 3D version of the animations, the art style has been done by the creator of Madness Krinkels. The game includes two modes, Story and Arena mode. In the Story mode, players will continue from the original flash game with the characters from the Madness series. Up to four players can run through the game locally with Xbox controllers, fighting together as a team, going up against cultists, cannibals, and the massive Mag agents from the animations. 

The second mode included in the game is Arena mode. Players will have to fight their way through waves of enemies to rake in cash to upgrade their weapons, fill out skill trees, and customize their Madness character. With handfuls of accessories from the series, players will make their killing machine to take down the armies of grunts that come their way. On top of this, weapon customization is also something that players will find themselves doing in the mode. With several to go through, there’s not going to be a shortage of bad guys for the player to mow down. 

Currently, the game is on sale for 10% off on Steam, with the launch promotion ending on October 6. For those who loved the Madness series, this game is for them, being made by all the same people responsible for the original series. 


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