MADMONQ Announced as the Official Health Supplement of the Upcoming BLAST Premier Spring Showdown and Finals

by in CS:GO | Apr, 6th 2021

With just a few more days separating us from the start of the BLAST Premier Showdown, we have an interesting sponsorship announcement to talk about. MADMONQ partnership with BLAST Premier is what we’re referring to here; it’s one of the first partnerships of its kind, bringing together a prolific event organizer and a company focusing on promoting players’ health and performance. As you’ll soon find out – players’ health is not the most boring thing ever!


First things first, let’s say a few words about MADMONQ! We already talked about this product in our piece on nutrition and supplementation in esports. MADMONQ CEO, Michal Noga, was kind enough to answer a couple of questions too. We’ve got a pretty good picture of the overall quality, effectiveness, and overall safety of MADMONQ food supplement… and it’s safe to say it ticks all the right boxes!

For those of you who aren’t in the know, let’s start from the beginning – what is MADMONQ?

MADMONQ is a food supplement aimed towards gamers and esports athletes, featuring a mixture of natural ingredients and a brand-new Spectra blend bringing forth 29 additional fruit, veggies, and plant extracts. 

MADMONQ’s main goal is simple! It aims to provide a jitter-free source of energy and focus for competitive gamers and professional esports athletes. And we’re not just talking about energy benefits here; MADMONQ promises faster reaction times, sharper focus, error reduction, and superior stress control… among many other things.

Partnership for Upcoming BLAST Premier Events

And what better way to promote a clean and jitter-free source of gaming focus and energy than with the help of a well-established event organizer like BLAST Premier? MADMONQ partnership with BLAST Premier is set to bring forth improv sketches on the importance of health in esports, in-game health data, and other educational breaks during the event. Knowing BLAST’s production efforts, it’s safe to assume this partnership will feature AAA production quality.

As for the actual event, the first portion of their partnership starts on April 13. That’s when the BLAST Premier Showdown begins; that’s when we will see the first improve sketches and other educational breaks focusing on the importance of players’ health. The second part of the MADMONQ x BLAST Premier partnership revolves around the highly anticipated BLAST Premier Spring Finals, scheduled for July this year. Fingers crossed, these two don’t disappoint us!


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