MADMONQ Health Revolution Kicks Off 500,000€ Seed Round Announcement

by in General | Apr, 15th 2021

More outstanding news is coming from MADMONQ. The company behind the world’s first health and performance enhancement supplement catered towards gamers and professional esports athletes has announced a 500,000€ seed round. Notable names like the popular poker star Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, well-known Twitch streamer Lex Veldhuis, and entrepreneur Vojta Roček are just some of the most notable participants. MADMONQ health revolution is upon us, with the company not just interested in continuing the development of its massively successful business but tailoring its products to professional athletes and promoting physical and psychological health.

MADMONQ 500,000€ Seed Round

As mentioned earlier, the MADMONQ health revolution seed round is set to feature numerous notable figures. The funding will be used in various ways, including new product development, team scaling, and awareness of health prioritization in gaming and esports.

And let’s say the folks over at MADMONQ know what they’re doing. They’ve been a profitable organization right from the kickoff, enjoying seven-figure revenue last year, even with the health crisis in full flow.

“At MADMONQ, we envision a world where health and performance is a priority—not an afterthought. Although the supplement market alone is worth at least $100BN+, esports players and gamers are largely neglected and have yet received nutritional supplements tailored to meet their unique needs. Gaming is a grueling and physically demanding activity, and, like traditional athletes, gamers need fuel that supports endurance, mental clarity, and overall health. With this funding, we can continue providing supplements with world-renowned ingredients while also helping gamers to develop habits, tools, and routines that will level up their performance.” -Michal Noga, MADMONQ founder and CEO

Long story short, MADMONQ aims to bring gaming supplementation to the mainstream. By 2030, they hope gamers will start giving health supplementation the same amount of attention they give to their hardware setup and peripherals. It’s a remarkable goal, one that we’ll keep an eye on as the folks behind MADMONQ keep making all the right moves. If anyone can do it, it’s them!

We’ll give you guys a closer look at MADMONQ’s chewable tablets next week in our first impressions blog. Make sure you tune in!


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