MAD Lions Owner Revenant Flames Carzzy on Twitter

by in League of Legends | Oct, 25th 2021

Mere hours after the MAD Lions had lost to DWG KIA, team owner Luis Miguel “Revenant” Amor Velarde went to Twitter to air his frustration in the most appalling and unexpected of ways: by singling Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság out. The following tweet (which has since been deleted) took everyone by surprise:

“I feel sorry seeing Elyoya like that, he has to carry them on his back alongside Kaiser, I keep thinking that Carzzy doesn’t have the level, but he gives the team things that they consider important. It’s clear for me that I’d put Flakked in the starting roster, but I don’t decide anything related to those things,” said Revenant. [a slightly superficial but still correct translation from Spanish]

To publicly flame one of your best and most beloved players — a two-time LEC champion, no less — is not the way to go, no matter how disappointed you might be with his results. Moreover, there are many ways to air one’s disapproval, and the wording matters immensely. Last but certainly not least, Carzzy doesn’t deserve any flame whatsoever. He and Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser had a phenomenal showing at this year’s Worlds, and while he might not be the most consistent player around, his highs have not left anyone indifferent. And, well, he was by no means the reason why MAD failed to best DWG KIA, arguably the biggest favorite to win Worlds. 

It didn’t take long for the community (including prosanalysts, and casters) to respond and stand in Carzzy’s defense.

A PR Nightmare

As expected, MAD Lions were fast to respond with an official statement. “We’re incredibly proud of our team’s performance at Worlds 2021 and throughout the entire season. We support all of our players, including Carzzy, who was a big part of our success. The disparaging conversation started earlier on social by Revenant, one of our content providers is misleading. He is not part of the ownership group or management and does not speak for MAD Lions or Overactive Media. We count on our partners to work collaboratively with us and share our disappointment around Revenant’s comments with our fans,” said MAD through Twitter.

All in all, this is not a good look, neither for Revenant nor MAD Lions. In any case, it seems that Carzzy is probably going to part ways with the organization and, after such a dreadful experience with Revenant — one that comes at the tail end of an incredibly successful season — it’s hard to blame him. It’s also unclear what his position within the company is, but that too could change after this debacle.


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