Luke, the Future of Street Fighter, Is Now Available!

by in Fighting Game News | Nov, 29th 2021

Luke, the final character that’ll hit Street Fighter V and the supposed main protagonist of its long-awaited sequel, is now available to play on both PC and PlayStation 5! So, if you’re super into Capcom’s phenomenal fighter, head over to Steam/the PlayStation Store post haste!

We’re always happy to get a new DLC character, but Luke carries a lot more significance than one would expect: he’ll presumably be the face of the series and one of its leading protagonists going forward. In that sense, his release will both close one chapter and start off the next. The forthcoming SFV Fall Update will focus on his origin story and a “dramatic childhood event that had inspired him to become a fighter, join the military, and encounter a familiar face.”

It’s not the most unique origin story, but we’ll take it.

Who’s Luke?

Well, by the looks of it, he’s a slightly stereotypical MMA fighter who happened to have run into Guile during his stint with the military. Combat-wise, his attacks are all about moving forward and keeping the pressure on. All three of his normal punches will move Luke forward and, therefore, close distances very quickly. He also has two target combos, a mid-to-long ranged projectile, an anti-air move that’ll launch him upwards, a forward-moving dash that you’ll be able to string into longer combos and even two follow-ups: a shoulder charge and a mid-range overhead kick.

Luke also has a fairly unique V-System, too, with his V-Triggers causing his V-Gauge to “become a timer that continuously fills in a neutral state.” Luke can increase his V-Timer whenever he does any damage and, conversely, lose it when getting hit or when using his V-Trigger moves. This is a first for the series and it’ll force both Luke and his opponents to adapt to a wholly different way of fighting.

In any case, Luke seems like a very worthy addition to Street Fighter V and we can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to the table, both now and in future installments as well!


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