Ludwig Signs Exclusive Contract with YouTube

by in Entertainment | Nov, 30th 2021

For a while, Ludwig was the most subscribed-to channel on Twitch, but now he’s got a sweet YouTube contract. He was a force of nature on Twitch and was often in the news, speaking his mind. Now that his subathon is long since over, Ludwig Aghren announced he’s shifting to YouTube with a new contract. He’s just one of many who decided that now that they have a huge following on Twitch, that YouTube may be the wave of the future.

From Purple Car to Red Volkswagen

The announcement came through a YouTube video, where Ludwig and his friend Slime were driving around in a suspiciously purple car. They were chatting about seemingly random things, and as they got out, Slime remarked that Ludwig would not be as popular as he is without his hair. Ludwig disagrees, talking about all of the things that make him great. While the two bantered, that purple car exploded in the background, the door popping off the side.

It wasn’t a CG explosion either. It looked like they destroyed a real car to make this announcement. Neither of them even seemed to care about the car, and then the camera panned over to a shiny new Volkswagen, cherry red. Perhaps it’s YouTube Red? It ended with Slime asking if Ludwig got in trouble playing music in this car, and Ludwig replied, “Not in this car. Not in this car.”

Ludwig’s going to have a Q&A video session on YouTube today to talk about this, the “biggest announcement of my streaming career,” and that doesn’t sound like hyperbole. He already has a huge following on YouTube, with his main channel clocking in at 2.1 million followers. His Twitch channel has 3M followers, so it’s no shock that YouTube would want Ludwig onboard. We have no idea what the contract offered him monetarily, but it has to be good to draw him away from Twitch.

He’s not the first, either. In September, another one of the biggest names on Twitch, TimtheTatMan, swapped his purple for red. YouTube Gaming is making some serious moves to grow, and they’ve signed some incredible names to a contract, the latest being Ludwig.


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