Ludwig Shatters Ninja’s Record for Most Subs on Twitch

by in Entertainment | Apr, 14th 2021

As the finale of Ludwig’s Twitch subathon nears its end, not only was he able to survive the grueling 30 days of consecutive streaming, but Ludwig somehow managed to surpass the biggest streamer of all time and take the crown for most Twitch subs on the platform.

How Ludwig Became the Most Subbed User on Twitch

A couple of weeks ago, I put out an article discussing how the streamer Ludwig was essentially being held hostage by his chat, as every donation he received would continue to extend the clock on a timer that dictated the end of the stream. 

One would assume that something along those lines would keep Ludwig in for a week, or two at the most. Unfortunately, or Fortunately for Ludwig, this stream had consistently run for the full amount of time Ludwig had proposed, which was a month. 

Now, Ludwig has made one of the biggest steps in Twitch history—passing Ninja as the most subbed streamer on the platform.

Ludwig has cemented himself multiple times in the Twitch hall of fame. With the continuation of his subathon, Ludwig has cemented himself as not only one of the most-watched streamers but now the most subbed streamer on the platform with his Twitch sub count record.

Ludwig celebrated on Twitter by posting his status with the caption “I WAS HERE,” showcasing his sub count, which was at 269,853 at the time, over 600 past former champion Ninja, who was at 269,154.

What Does This Mean for Ludwig?

While at the time of writing, Ludwig is finishing up the rest of his subathon. He will finally be able to have some peace as the stream ends. For 30 days, Ludwig’s every waking moment was broadcasted for the world to see. 

Because of his Twitch sub count record, Ludwig’s legacy and subcount will go into the Twitch history books as one of the biggest stunts ever pulled. However, it’s fair to assume that Ludwig might also take a break from streaming after the subathon reaches its conclusion. Anyone streaming for an entire month would want to take a break from Twitch and get well-deserved rest away from any screen in their home.


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