Ludwig Gets Shock Youtube Ban After His New Contract

by in Entertainment | Dec, 3rd 2021

Ludwig seemed incredibly excited about his Youtube move, but he’s already caught a ban on the platform. Only days later, for “policy violations”, Ludwig Aghren saw a ban on Youtube, baffling him and his fans. Quite a few people are wondering if he caught a DMCA violation, which he mocked in his initial video. In his teaser that he was moving, he laughed about “playing music”, saying he can do that there. Perhaps that’s not the case. So much for “Not in this car”, if that turns out to be true. So what’s going on here?

The Switch Is Going Well

At first, everything was going great for Ludwig on Youtube but now a ban has hit him. It took less than 72 hours for the streaming superstar to catch a punishsment on Youtube. His account has a suspension for “policy violations”, from one of his very first streams. You can still see his channel, and watch his videos. However, he cannot go live in a stream, which he has joked about on Twitter. Saying, “you could say the switch has been going well…” it shows the “HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS!!” stream now with a black “Stream unavailable” image over it.


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