Ludwig Buys an Hour of Shroud’s Time for Charity

by in General | Feb, 12th 2021

When you think of the top names of Twitch, who comes to mind? One of them is, without a doubt Michael “Shroud” Grezesiek. He’s someone who comes up pretty often on Esports Talk, and for a good reason. A former CSGO player, he’s among the best of the best in the entire world at shooters. An hour or two of his time to pick his brain is invaluable. However, we can now at least put a price tag on it. Spending $53,000, Ludwig buys an hour of Shroud’s time, which all goes to charity. What an exciting bit of news this is!

How Would You Spend an Hour With Shroud?

Maya Higa ran a fundraiser recently to fund Alveus Sanctuary, an exotic animal sanctuary. Quite a few exciting things were raffled, and in particular, an hour with Shroud. We can imagine quite a few streamers/fans would want to put their money down to play Valorant with Shroud for an hour or talk with him/learn from him. Big money came from other big streamers, as it turns out. 

She did post a Twitlonger to talk about how she feels, which you can read here. “It is impossible for me to articulate how grateful I am for yesterday. All I can say is that my love and ferocity for our natural world is unflagging. I will not let you down, and I will build this organization into something that you will all be proud of. Thank you.”

Thomas “sodapoppin” Morris put down $35,001. Shroud even put down $36,000 for his own time. However, a breakout streamer in 2020, a former Smash Pro, Ludwig coughed up $53,000 to buy an hour of Shroud’s time. He joked that he could sell off some of the time slot to other people, as he has “all the supply.” 

Whether he was serious or not, he did suggest that one of the other people who idolized Shroud could buy “five minutes” for $20,000. We feel it was a jest because that would be a mean thing to say to someone who just lost a dream moment. 

When the donation was confirmed, Ludwig asked if he had to pay. It was all very over-the-top in a Twitch clip titled “Ludwig Buys Shroud.” While we’re glad to see so much money go to a good cause, we hope Ludwig makes the most of that time because $53,000 is a serious amount of coins for an hour. It ought to create some exciting content for Ludwig’s social media. We have no idea what will come of this, but we’ll have to stay tuned, just like you folks. It’s still awesome to see, and the money goes to an incredibly worthy cause, like wildlife conservation.

We’re glad to see Maya Higa put this out there, and so many big names in the world of streaming donate to this event. What will Ludwig Ahgren do with his time, now that he’s officially won it? What would you do with an hour with Shroud? Feel free to let us know on social media, but let’s keep it PG! I’d use the time to pick his brain on streaming, and Valorant, as I’m mediocre at best.


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