Ludwig Announces $1,000,000 Smash Bros Tournament

by in Fighting Game News | Dec, 1st 2021

Ludwig Ahgren recently revealed he’s going to create a $1M Smash Bros tournament. He claims it will be the biggest tournament ever for both Smash Melee and Smash Ultimate, in terms of entrants and prize pool. He was on the Stanz Show, talking about his move to Youtube, and he casually drops a million-dollar tournament on us, and how it’s going to kick off in 2022. It’s perfect timing, now that Nintendo has confirmed they’re going to support Smash tournaments with an esports circuit. So what have we learned about this massive undertaking?

The Biggest Smash Bros. Tournament Ever? Thanks Ludwig!

During a chat on the Stanz Show, Ludwig went over the things that went into his switch to Youtube over Twitch. A content creator with a massive following, Ludwig announced on November 29th that he was switching to an exclusive contract with Youtube. In the video, Ludwig talked about running a Smash Bros tournament, and how this was key to determining where he would hang his hat for a contract. The streamer also said he was 99% leaning towards Twitch for much of the discussions, but it didn’t end that way.

With Youtube, there is a great deal of stability. He has a massive contract, but he’s not going to just stop streaming. While talking about this, he spilled the beans about the tournament:

“That doesn’t mean I’m just getting the bag and not streaming. Let me give you an example that’s cool, in 2022 I will make the biggest Smash tournament of all time. It will be the biggest in entrance and prize pool for Melee and Ultimate. This will probably cost $1 million, straight up, between prize pool, venue, and all that.”

He’s incredibly dedicated to this idea. So much so that Ludwig was willing to give up a month of his life to work for the money to run a Smash Bros Tournament – via subathons, ads, et cetera. During this time he was leaning towards Twitch. However, on Twitch, he has to focus a great deal on streaming, so he would have to constantly be streaming, doing subathons, making content, and generating revenue. Youtube has a different contract system:

“At this point, I have like 10 employees, so I can’t throw away $1 million. Being with YouTube, I can just do that and it’s totally chill. I don’t have to stress about being live, or trying to make the money – they allowed me to just do those projects.”

He did stress in the above quote that he’s not going to just drop streaming. We’re going to get plenty of Ludwig in our feeds, but now it’s going to be more relaxed. Ludwig won’t have to worry about doing unhealthy subathons to generate revenue for this colossal Smash Bros tournament. Though we don’t have any hard dates yet, we’re going to keep our eyes on this as more info comes out. Smash fans haven’t had a whole lot to be happy about when it comes to tournament play, but a tourney with a $1M prize pool? That’s something to be hyped over.


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