Luckbox Sees Investment From Footballer Luis Robles

by in General | May, 22nd 2020

Luckbox is an esports bookmaker with the intent to list themselves publicly on the TSX Venture Exchange. With that in mind, we learned about a new investment in Luckbox by the Miami footballer Luis Robles. That’s a pretty major move by the Inter Miami goalkeeper. Betting in esports is growing slowly but surely, growing. In his particular experience, the name of the game is FIFA.

As a member of Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami, he has to find a new way to get his name out there, and perhaps this is a good way to do so. It could also be a sound way to highlight FIFA’s online esports scene because it’s a competitive, exciting thing to watch.

Using Esports to Interact in This Time of Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going strong, so many sports have been canceled. In Luis Robles’ case, the name of the game is again FIFA. That’s how he interacts with his fanbase now, and the FIFA esports scene is growing, which perhaps led him to Luckbox.

“With what’s going on in the world right now, a lot of the way we’ve been able to maintain a connection with our fanbase, is through FIFA – using FIFA as an avenue through which players can still compete, while entertaining and engaging fans,” Robles said. “I love investing, I love diversifying my portfolio and looking at different decks and wishing I could get involved and Luckbox has given me a great opportunity to do that.”

Luckbox is working towards going public through TSX Venture Exchange and that will see their stock be acquired by the capital pool company, Elephant Hill. Now, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t just a stunt to put more eyes on Lockbox. With traditional sports betting all but gone, more people than ever are looking to esports.

We don’t know what the terms of their agreement are, so we don’t know the score. Esports is perhaps the biggest thing in the world right now, thanks to online gaming, and a need to do something, anything in this time of crisis. So online gaming is going up. So, as a result, esports betting likely has too.

“It’s well documented that esports is super-hot right now and many famous names from the world of sports and entertainment have recognised this by backing a host of projects,” said Quentin Martin, CEO of Luckbox. “We’ve been live in 100 countries for just over a year now, so we’re still a very young company. To have the support of someone as highly respected as Luis is clearly a massive boost for our company.”

Martin added, “For sports fans, betting on outcomes is often an extra way to enjoy the match experience. Safe, legal and legitimate betting is increasingly important to esports and, over the coming years, it will be the dominant driver of revenue for the industry.”

We’ll just have to keep an eye on this movement. Perhaps esports betting will be well-regulated and safe so that people can try to make money off of their favorite players and teams. If it’s less of a publicity stunt, and more of an ability to bring their name to the website and try to highlight this way to gamble, that would be fascinating.


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