LS Joins T1 as a Creator Creator and Streamer

by in League of Legends | Nov, 24th 2020

When the news was spoiled that Nick “LS” De Cesare could be joining T1 as a content creator or a coach for their League of Legends team, the response was not what we hoped it would be. Fans of T1 hired a truck to drive around Jangro and Gangnam (Home of T1’s HQ and training facilities), and it was equipped with an LED board. It asked for “a clear and detailed explanation” because “there’s no future for a team that shuts out devoted fans.” Despite all of this, LS joins T1 as a content creator. LS’s story is an impactful one, and he truly loves Korea and its people. This story disappoints us that he had to go through such toxicity.

“Korea is My Home”

There are some awful, toxic Korean fans of T1 and other orgs. It’s not everyone, though, that’s for sure. LS feels that this kind of blanket statement about the Korean fans needs to stop and that there’s no place to condemn a group of people because of the rotten apples in the bunch. LS dropped a heartfelt, emotional response to the drama between him and Untara, the T1 fandom, and what he will do from now on.

LS points out that he feels it’s unfair to paint the entire T1 fanbase with this brush is unfair, because of a very vocal, toxic minority. As LS joins T1, he hopes that the communities can come together, and miscommunication can stop being the norm as someone trying to bring out what makes Korea so great, especially their League scene so great. All of this is disappointing to see.

We also hear from LS that the T1 has been very good to him behind the scenes. LS also says he stayed silent during all of this drama to find a way to resolve it peacefully. He didn’t seem to know how to say what was on his mind, so he stayed quiet while others spoke out.

Regardless of all of the T1 drama, he was offered a spot as a coach. That’s an undisputed fact. However, LS realized that he wants the freedom to communicate with communities and produce League content. He wants to elevate the game and help improve the game as a whole. As a coach, he wouldn’t have that kind of freedom. As a streamer/content creator, LS has that power. He wants to upgrade the content he did and create new content through T1. So the news that LS joins T1 this week is pretty nice, even if the way T1 has handled their community has been less than ideal.

You can find a link to his video statement on Twitter. It’s a bizarre situation. LS produced a thoughtful, considerate video and did so in a respectful manner. It’s very clear that he loves Korea and wants to stay there and work with T1. It feels like the T1 community, or at least a very vocal part of it, did the man dirty, and nothing is being done about it. We hope this is the move that makes LS happy, but it feels like T1 handled all of this wrong in the public eye, at the very least.


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